Thursday, April 2, 2015

Do you like pyjama pants?

Wednesday Magic

Wednesday Magic by greenvogueglam featuring patterned pants

Everywhere I look nowadays I see pyjama-style silk pants fluttering on every type of body imaginable and in combined wildly with the most unthinkable accessories. And I love it!
Ever since I bought my first light blue and white linen pyjama style pants two years ago in Positano (mental post-it:must take a pic and post it here), I have been secretly wishing everybody would just get on board with wearing pyjama pants.
And low and behold, everybody had been craving and wishing for the same thing because last year and this year more than ever, long, flow, unflattering yet totally fabulous pyjama style pants are everywhere.

I haven't yet pulled my linen ones out from the summer boxes and yes, I have boxes to store summer attire because if not, I would wear everything all the time and people are weird about doing that here in Italy. You're supposed to wear winterables and then summerables and don't mix them or they'll stare you down with their innate, unattainable fashion sense right back to whatever foreign country you came from. Gotta love'em!

Yesterday I woke really early (damn you Wednesday), grabbed my brand-new, bought on sale Bershka black and white pyjama-style pants, a crisp white  Dolce&Gabbana shirt, my worn-out purple Converse sneakers and a very old H&M jeans jacket that I refuse to part with.
No make-up (it was either the make-up or the yoga, I chose the latter), took 5 pictures and went to work asap.

Last evening I got inspired to create the set at the top of the page.
It's a slightly different take on what I wore yesterday but I love it. I should have posted this yesterday, but I had dinner with Mr. Mystery and got sidetracked by his adorable self.
It also made me think I need to get a pair of white sneakers, like yesterday.

Kiss and Peace
A Late Miss Sinister

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