Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Fav Five - on time!

It's Friday and I'm here to give my #FridayFav5. On time!

1. My new medicine ball. I bought a 3kg/6.6lb ball over the weekend. *insert gasp* I've never owned one and I remember I hated using one when I was in school. I have to say I went for the slighter heavier one (yeah, 2kg, I'm hinting at you) because the guy at the fitness centre said I should challenge myself which could be translated into "You have puny girl arms and should do something about it". So I am. I'm already going Pinterest crazy with medicine ball workouts. Check it out if you want some inspo!
You can find medicine balls on amazon, on either side of the pond.

2. This purrfect white turtleneck sweater. It's snow white, nice and chunky, overly expensive *wink* Santa *wink*, wool and perfectly easy to style with suede, 70s jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, boyfriends, pencil skirts, skimmed lattes and Saint Moritz. Take your pick. I'll be having all, please.
Find it on mytheresa.

3. These suede boots.
Dear Mister Rossi,
If ever you wish to just randomly gift a cooky blogger a pair of your suede, tanned, laced up brilliance, please keep me in mind.
Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

P.S. Should I enclose my forwarding details?

P.P.S. Little Sinisters, don't be fooled. These are what fall/winter is supposed to look like. Pair with anything or nothing at all. I am definitely saving up for these.

4. This swimming cap. Nothing says I'm taking my fitness serious like buying this cap and wearing it to my first swimming lesson back from the summer off. Only 5.95€ at Decathlon. You can find it on their website too. I'll post a silly pic as soon as I get one.

5. This beautiful dress by Unique Dresses. It even has a name that makes it pretty: Edenvale Tunic Dress. I have to say I just saw it on Topshop while casually visiting their website trying to not buy something and fell very much in love. I'm having a print year. You know, some people go grunge, or rock, or totally preppy. I'm print right now. I love this ethereal print and it's overall shape with the high dolcevita neckline and the long sleeves. Can definitely see myself wearing it with thigh high patent boots or the aforementioned brilliance of Mr. Rossi.

Kiss and Peace
Proud to be on time Miss Sinister

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  1. That's a great list. I'm a sucker for high neck printed dresses. Ahh they look good on everyone x

    -Wildfire Charm