Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Fav Five

1. YSL's Baby Doll Kiss & Blush concoction N° 10 Nude Insolent. Find it here for 40$/38,50€ in EU. This was my mom's birthday gift for me. I had been stalking the YSL make-up counter for some time now for this and she graciously purchased, packed and ribbon tied it and gifted me this awesomeness. 10X mom! It is super easy to use, long-lasting, it has a matte finish and you can use it on your cheeks (although I yet have to try it) Love it! Will come back with pix!

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Metropoli Bucket Bag. It's burgundy perfection. I want to buy a (by now ridiculously famous) bucket bag for the fall/winter and I have to say that this one has really captured my attention. It's a great color, pretty decent size (not too big, not too small), it has that quirky little pocket on the front which will undoubtedly prove both useless and annoying at some point, but I find adorable right now. And it's 280€, which I can manage.

3. Valentino tan ankle boots. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will have realised my obsession with Valentino by now and this wonderful pair will come as no surprise. They cost a whooping 890€ on aka WhereISpendMyMoney Central, and I have virtually no idea of how they feel, look or fit. So despite wanting them desperately for no other reason than that they are gorgeous, I will refrain till trip to store to try them on. But aren't they bee-u-tiful?
4. This song. I know several of my readers are more or less my age or a little older. I know you guys will truly appreciate what I'm about to say. Those of you that either don't know who it I'm talking about or don't care, don't worry. It's an age thing.
Before the world split into Beliebers and Directioners, (insert that smiley face that sighs) there was a boy band that ruled the world. Undisturbed. A whole lot more innocent than Bieber or any of the unbeknown to me One Direction members, less drama, less girlfriends, less convictions and jail time, no Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/whatever other social thing. No totalled cars and no selfies while enjoying recreational drugs. And they were grown-up men.
Ladies and gents.
Backstreet Boys. I'm having a 90s month. (P.S. sorry for the crappy quality video but do you remember MTV back in the days? It looked just like this. :)) )

5. My bday! I had an awesome, super chill, family birthday. I cooked seafood and ordered sushi. We ate cake, drank champagne and took tons of pix. Next year I'm gonna go wild.

Kiss and Peace
An Older Miss Sinister

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  1. I used to love the Backstreet Boys! I honestly still always get I Want It That Way stuck in my head until this day, it was great haha. That YSL Babydoll kiss & blush looks great too!

    Amani x