Sunday, October 25, 2015

Friday Fav Five - just a little bit late

If you feel that I have abandoned you, please be reassured I haven't. I've just been super busy with my studies. I just went to my first live seminar in Milan last Friday and I loved it! The sessions are at the British Council Milan which is smack in the city centre, or even more accurately in the centre of the so called "Quadrilatero della Moda". I'll be posting something on that later this week.
I've been looking forward to finishing this post for a few days now. This Friday post has me thinking all week and when I can't finish it in time my mind goes into creative overload.
So let's get back to our  chickens.
Here's a belated yet totally worth-it Friday Fav Five list!

1. This woolly thing to wrap around our fashionista necks! Stella McCartney's knitted scarf for 285€ over on mytheresa caught my attention last week while perusing the site for Xmas wishlist. Better named Xmas Wishlust. (Uh. I hear a post idea bubbling up in my head).
I think it's absolutely adorable. The price could have been a bit more consumer friendly, but this is Stella McCartney and so I'll just zip it. As I hope you know, she's a major animal cruelty advocate and everything that she makes is cruelty free and usually animal products free. 800€ faux leather Farabella, I'm talking about you!
I've dutifully informed my Mystery about how gorgeous i think it is. Am awaiting male confirmation that the message has been received. Will probably take the better half of November.

2. This contour kit (insert Miss Sinister screaming). I'm a contour dummy. I've long been wondering if the "X for dummies" series will take pity on my soul and provide a manual for contouring. I've probably watched a gazillion bloggers on youtube getting it on with contouring as well as virtually stalked Kim K. To no avail. I am no good at contouring.
But I desperately want to be Chiseled to Perfection by this Too Faced Countour  Kit. It looks fairly comprehensive and simple to use and would love to review it (*wink* I'm working on videos *wink*) and see how it performs in the hand of a profane user.
37.90€ over on sephora.

3. This ultra-feminine wool sweater. Fall gets me into a woolly state of mind (just read #1) and so I thought I'd include this lovely, ultra-wearable lavender sweater from Acne. It's not cheap, costing 240€, but I have to say that this can definitely be an investment piece and something I or you could wear for many falls and winters to come. You can find it here.

4. Glitter ankle boots from Zara. Do I really need to give a reason for wanting to buy 39.90€ black glitter boots from Zara?  I saw them in Milan on Friday and was beside myself when they couldn't find my size. (Damn my anatomically appropriate size 11 feet). I just imagined I was going to hurt my credit card some more and order them online. But guess what. They're sold out. Just my luck. That's why you need to place your order like right now. Like now. Stop reading this post. Go to Order them. Come back and finish reading. :P

5. Halloween decorations. Being busy with my job and my studies, I've not been able to rejoice in  the yearly "complete house spookeration for Halloween". I'm big on Halloween and Xmas and I usually go nuts with decorations. This year, my jack-o-lateen is still a pumpkin and my spooky witches and fake spider webs have yet to be taken out. But I'll be working overtime this week to get the house ready and I'm starting with this DYI Jack Skellington Halloween String Garland. Give it a try and let me know how it worked out for you!

Kiss and Peace
Off to have a gluten-free pizza Miss Sinister

Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Fav Five

1. Sea buckthorn. It's a strange, bright orange, miniature grapes looking plant that helped me get rid of my skin troubles early this year. My mom used to force me to have a spoonful of these berries with honey every morning while I was growing up and man, did I hate them. Now, they're my go to multivitamin concoction every spring and fall. They boost antioxidant properties, they help digestion and ward off the flu, but there biggest pro is that they're Skin Superfruits. Definitely worth any beauty bloggers attention.
Best use: buy about 500g/15 ounces, clean them (they have tiny stems), fill a large mason jar or two normal sized mason jar with a combo of 50% sea buckthorn - 50% honey. Take one table spoon on an empty stomach in the morning for at least 1 month. Enjoy the awesome benefits

2.  This Brow Set. I was gifted an Oriflame brow set by my mom's old friend while in Romania. Just after I bought one before going on that trip. Doesn't that happen to you? Anyway, I tried it while in Romania and I have to say I like it very much. It's got two little brushes in a sleek little drawer under the 2 shadows and 1 wax. Simple, traveling friendly, sufficient. And not bad on the budget for about 10€. Sorry for my US and Italian readers, but Oriflame is not available in those countries yet. UK readers, rejoice, you can find it on their website.

3. This beautiful Lip Crayon. I'm currently obsessed with Nars's crayon, but saw this Ilia crayon on the latest goop newsletter. It looks just as good with the added bonus of being organic and free of a lot of chemicals which are commonly found in all those beauty products we adore. You can find it on The Beautyaholic's Shop for Italy or on their online shop for US. It's in the same price range, a little over 20€ and I have to say I'm tempted to order myself on in this delicious berrylicious color.

4. Adidas All Stars. When was in high school I used to own a couple of pairs, one a pristine white and the other a perfectly complimentary black and white stripes. I wore them with everything from my school uniform to jeans skirts and flared jeans(yes, they were fashionable when I went to school). Suffice it to say that I was not considered hipster or well-dressed or even sound of mind. That was long before bloggers were a thing and being original was cool. No bright pink hair or long siren blue hair in my day ladies. No. You wanted to be Christina Aguilera or Beyonce. Sexy. Perfect.
Hence my (now they call it) fashion forwardness was laughable. they say. Better early than late. Or is it the other way round? :)

5. Dior Addict Fluid Shadow "Univers". Sephora got me again. Somehow, I manage to plan all of my hard earned money about 2 weeks before I actually get it. Or have earned it. This eyeshadow has me waking up in a sweat at night for how much I love it. I've now swatched it about 4 times, glaring at the price. 31€ for something I'll probably use once a month. Hm. It is absolutely dreamy, this Universe color is gorgeous and it also last for quite a while. At least on the back of my hand it did.
And because Sephora always drives its victories home, they've sent me a text message yesterday saying I have 20% this month. There goes some more of that hard earned money.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm back

Hey little sinisters!

As you know by now, I've been out of Italy. More accurately, in Romania. Bucharest to be precise.
I was there for family business so I don't have any glam pics to show you guys. The weather was also nice but moody so the pic above pretty much summaries my attire for the whole 6 days spent there.
I also skipped on #FridayFav5 because I was just so brutally busy with family and studying that it just didn't happen. This means I'll make the next one super awesome and worth it.

What can I tell you about my short trip?
I ate some more Romanian food (to be read: a whole lot of Romanian food), saw my bestie, saw a bunch of old high school friends of my mom's, realised my mom is the only one whose child has yet to marry and procreate, witnessed first hand some sort of weird demographic boom going on in Romania, got pissed off at the supermarket with people using weird words I don't understand, and finally bought the most awesome hair mask I've ever tried(will come back to this in a later post).

I have to say being in Romania also brought back memories of what real autumn looks like. Don't be deceived, in Italy autumn is the freak child of summer and winter and there are no falling leaves, no cool sunny days, no breeze, no wearing skirts and chunky sweaters and socks and lace-ups. NO. Italy is all about crazy hot days or foggy-windy-rainy days. 
(insert me looking all angry)

Or at least where I now live it's like that. But I was in Genova last weekend and it was like that. And I lived in Rome and it was like that. And I go to Milan for school every week and it's like that. So unless they do it on purpose to bug me or I have a perennially hovering rain cloud on top of my head, I guess this is just how weather is here at this time of the year.

Will come back later in the week with *gasp* a video review. A very dorky one by the way. I am almost sure my nerve will be lost and I will not post it. 

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hey, babe, take a walk on the delicious side

I am basically very short on time and currently stealing internet from a bar. This is a traditional Romanian dish that I absolutely adore and happen to have had for dinner yesterday evening.
It's not that difficult to make and I doubt I would have been able to explain it any better than Jo over at
Follow the link to get the recipe for my delicious trip down memory lane.
Let me know what you think about it.

Kiss and Peace
Stealing Miss Sinister

Photo ©

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I'm running

Woke up this morning, by now such a long time I might as well add and B.C. to it, and felt like I was running. My feet felt tired, my head was spinning, I was breathless, I felt a bit woozy.

I'm back in Romania for a uncomfortable #GreatAdventure.

Can everybody keep their fingers crossed for my grandpa?

Family first!

Kiss and Peace

Will return on Thursday in a better mood Miss Sinister

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Fav Five

1. This Dior-looking overcoat. I'm the biggest Dior New Look fan you could ever possibly imagine and while I was scrolling through H&M's website on the prowl for a new winter coat, I stumbled upon this gem. I'm pretty sure it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it's amazing. I love the color, the cut and the details. It would undeniably make one heck of a statement this winter.

2. Guess Curve Skinny jeans. Just bought a pair and I am obsessed with thier strechiness! Try it to believe it. I'll come back with pics!

3. Thie core-licious video. Popsugar's Anna Renderer is one of my fav online go-to trainers alongside Cassey Ho. This video is super quick, super nice for a afternoon blast of energy and it's all done standing. Tried it myself. Have to say I loved it.

4. Stand-up galore. You put Seinfeld and Letterman together and I melt into a little puddle of stand-up joy. I hope someday Letterman will come down from Late Show Olympus and go back on iar. That would really make my day.

5. The little foundation that could. I've been using So Bio Etic BB Cream for about 6 months now and I have to say it's been my most useful well kept secret. I have super sensitive skin and it takes next to nothing for my face to rule out a foundation and break out. This little wunder bb cream, completely organic and sun-proofed, has really come through. And for a little over 12€, it's definitely something to consider if your skin tends to act up.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I completely fell in love with a stranger

As a hopeless romantic and a wild skeptic du jour, I jumped at this book. What a title.
"Never love a stranger". Really? This is a direct call to all us girls out there that specifically pinpoint emotionally unavailable bad boys with a genetical aversion to commitment and become completely obsessed with them.
Does this ring any bells, ladies?

If you're anything like me (to be read: I've had my fair share of bad boys obsessions), you will love this book. And you'll feel for Ruth.

But this book is so much more. It's raw, sad and real. And I felt angry while I read it. I felt like I understood Francis completely. He's me and you and every other millennial out there that has been forced to become an adult in the middle of this crazy financial crisis.
It didn't make us any less than what we would have been, but it sure made us something we wouldn't have been.
It's all of us getting tough, cold and vicious. We're all a bit Frank Kane.

Frankie is an intelligent, calculated, sensitive main character. I wanted to hug him as a child. I wanted to slap him when he gave up his money. I wanted to tell him he is a better human than (more or less) half of the 7 billion individuals with whom I share this planet when he befriended and stuck through thick and thin with Gerro. I wanted to kick his butt every time he had a girl. I wanted to congratulate him for his illegal empire (Empire's Lucius style kinda congratulations) and then smack him across the head because at the end of the day it was illegal.

It's Harold Robbins first book.
This book is (in)famously famous for being the result of a 100$ bet way back in the 40s. I don't know if that's true, but I sure wish it is since it would only add to the air of palpable rawness of this book.

I grew up devouring books and somehow Harold Robbins remained an unread name to me. I knew he was famous. I knew about the gossip around his life. I knew he was in the top 5 best-selling authors of all time. I knew he wrote about sex and brutality. I knew he wrote dozens of books and that they became movies in no time.
I hadn't read one single book of his.

Then I stumbled upon Never Love a Stranger on kindle unlimited.
I couldn't put it down. And neither will you.
It stuck with me. And it will do so with you too.

Kiss and Peace
Eternally in Love with Frankie Miss Sinister