Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring showed up - Beauty Products Review

It's all about the flowers

It's all about the flowers by greenvogueglam

Finally woke up to a sunny, wonderful, Italian morning. 
Apparently spring has decided to show up.
I sun saluted, had breakfast, went for a run and had a shower.

I've always been secretly obsessed with body products in general and soap in particular.
I'm always on the look for new scented, magical, potentially organic and handmade soaps.
I have a friend of mine here in Italy that makes them for herself and occasionally drops me some (thanks Georgia), but I generally buy them.

The two soaps above, the Florida quartet and the Alighiero Campostrini fan are two finds from the Cosmoprof (never-ending) experience. 
These are both Italian brands with a similar take on producing soap. That is handmade, olive oil enhanced, naturally scented, awesomely packaged type of soap. I've been using both (the Strawberry one from Florida and the Rose&Neroli one from Alighieri Campostrini) for a about a week now and I have to say I love them!!! They don't over-dry, they leave a light scent on my skin (that usually gets killed by my creams and lotions but hey, that's life)
I'm also thinking of using their packaging for some sort of collage but I will have to come back with that later.

Their prices are really good (around 5$/6€) and they can be found on 
Try them and let me know. 

Another thing I wanted to tell you about is this body foam that I bought from Greenland Bodycare (yes, I know, the name made me stop and awww).
It isn't a butter or a lotion or whatever other concoction we girls love to spend our money on. 
This is a foam. Imagine a can of whipped cream. Squeeze it. You get a airy, fluffy mass of delicious whip cream.

Look at this.

This is the body foam I bought.
It's Papaya&Lemon, smells fantastic (and lasts forever), has a shimmery glittery something to it that I adore (damn you Cavalli for not producing shimmery glittery body creams anymore), is generously sized (200 ml and you don't need to use a lot of it), doesn't make me feel sticky or buttery but still gives me velvety skin.
I paid 14 €....buuuuuut I've just noticed it's not yet on sale on their ships-worldwide website.

It's a new product and will probably be available sometime soon so I definitely recommend it for the summer since it's so non-sticky, scented and overall awesome.

If you find it online before I do drop me a line so that I can post it up here.

I also bought their hand cream and gave it to my mom and she says it's really nice too. It's the one in the picture at the top.

By the way, I've just become completely Polyvore obsessed. It feels like college all over again with hours and hours of collage making on Polyvore. 
Warning: I will be badgering you with these for at least a few weeks until I go into regression. 

Kiss and Peace
Polyvorey Miss Sinister

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Bliss

Monday Bliss

Dolce Gabbana ruched dress, €1.920 / Zara high heel shoes, €110 / Flower earrings, €9,20 / Guerlain face powder, €57 / Modern home decor, €505 / OKA artificial flower, €99 / Throw pillow, €33

If only I could wear this to my local farmer's market|
By the way, I have totally decided to buy those Zara heels even though I have yet to decide what I will do with them since I have been heel-less for a while now.
Not completely heel-less, but just stuck on kitten or midi heels since their just so darn cute and comfortable.

Kiss and Peace
Kitteny Miss Sinister

Saturday, March 28, 2015

What the tech cat dragged in - smaller iPhones in the future?

Guess what? Take a look at what the tech cat from Yahoo dragged in.

Could Apple be considering the left-over population that hasn't bought and (in my humble opinion) will never buy one of their new gargantuan phones?
In the light of my boyfriend's newly gifted iPhone 6, I am still praying for Apple to reconsider their little man-big car ideas and go back to pre-iPhone 6/unmentionable iPhone 6 Plus times.
And this is where that article up there really makes my day!

I (to be read the planet's female population) have tiny, expensive bags that I can barely fit my yellow wallet into (damn you Fendi for making perfect wallets all the while supporting the miniaturisation of purses), my lipstick, a mirror and if I'm lucky some tissues. And then we (again, the female population of this planet) have to stuff our iPhones, Samsungs...(you lost me here, there might be some other phones but I care not and will mention not) into the aforementioned tiny, expensive bags.

And just when I thought you (Apple) had it figured, with your sleek, light, elegant iPhone 5 series that fit into our purses like a bug snug in a rug (always wanted to say that)...you go ahead and change it.

Don't get me wrong, I have big bags, totes and shoppers and duffles and doctors and what not, but what should we do when we want to wear our baguettes and messengers and minaudieres?
The iPhone 6 Plus is as big as a Charlotte Olympia masterpiece.
It looks like the freaking Frankenstein of technology to me.

So any news that Apple could pull out a 6C with the same sleek design but not on steroids has me jumping up and down with joy.

Just a tiny side note: the new iPhone 6 series is fast, bright, intelligent and generally Apple and worth every single penny.

I'll keep you posted on the news despite not being a tech cat.

Kiss and Peace
Hopeful Miss Sinister

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Have you met Flickable?

Following the rainiest possible day, and yes, I live in sunny Italy apparently, I'm getting ready to go visit my mom and get my shopping freak on. Hot pink and paisley are a must for such a non-spring day and while I was at it...
I got in the mood to try my favourite Cosmoprof item.
Ladies and...well, just ladies, I give you the lollipop-shaped Flickable lipgloss.

It looks like a lollipop which is totally adorable in my eyes, it tastes like bubble gum, the pink, sweet, when-you-were-a-teenager one that I happen to still completely adore and it's not sticky! (there you go Kevin, I said it)
As soon as I got to Cosmoprof on Sunday, literally within 5 minutes that I had begun taking pics of the place, I stumble upon this delightful lollipop stand with a perky, cheery, adorable man called Kevin David and I just give out the loudest "Awwww" in the world, which in turn made just about everybody around burst into uncontrollable laughter. Damn my secret weakness for all things shaped like dessert!

We start talking, me asking the usual questions (Is it green? Is it gluten free? Is it organic, How much does it cost?), all the while I was secretly thinking this was the most fun little beauty concoction I had seen in a while. Don't get me wrong, the Pupa palettes still get me every time I pass by them in a beauty store, but this is something new.

Kevin was a sweetheart and gifted me this pretty little thing, the "Do Ya Pink I'm Sexy" lipgloss.
Ah yeah, that's the other thing, all of them have a catchy, American culture-inspired name that gets me every time I take it out of my purse.
Along with mine, maybe you feel you're "Better Off Red" or maybe "Citrus How We Do It", or maybe you enjoy some Toffee Talk. And I know each of you girls has had to Fight For Your White To Party at some point, so now you have a lipgloss to match that.

I have been putting mine on for a few days now and I have to tell you, I love it. It's long lasting, not sticky and doesn't make my lips feel dry after it has worn off (like so many do). I will stick to using it for the next weeks and let you know more but so far "the dough is still puffing", like my grandma' used to say. (I will explain all of these weird grandma' references at some point)

It's 18$, which yours truly thinks isn't that much for such a nice product. (don't forget you'll whip it out in a bathroom full of girls and you'll instantly be the centre of attention and/or envy)
- mental post-it - must try that asap.
It ships worldwide which got me even more excited (Xmas gifts!). I went ahead and tried to order it to my Italian in-the-middle-of-nowhere address and it just adds a mere 6.55$ for the shipping (it might take a little longer than forever to get here, but I've got my "Do Ya Pink I'm Sexy" to keep me company).

All in all, a nice little find I will undoubtedly re-buy.

Now I'm off to get my above-mentioned shopping freak on.
Total look of the day:

Paisley pants Zara
Hot pink cashmere sweater Teodori
Bare feet me

Kiss and Peace
Flickable Miss Sinister

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Ambition - The Checkerboard Cake

With Easter just round the corner here in Italy, I started thinking about food. More precisely, dessert.
My grandma was a pastry chef so every Christmas and Easter was like a sugar bomb exploded in my house. We had elegant eclairs, homemade cookies and biscuits with every possible filling and sprinkling (hello caramel-chocolate cream!), Romanian cozonac filled with nuts, cocoa, turkish delight and raisins (and I kid you not, it had all of this things in it) and finally, the holy grail of my grandma's desserts - the cake.
Ah. I could tell you stories about those cakes that would make you instantly abandon yoga, pilates and healthy eating for a lifelong of ganache, sponge cake and buttercream.
But I won't.
I will tell you that this year I'm going to make a Rainbow Checkerboard Cake like Elise from My Cupcake Addiction to take to my boyfriend's family traditional Easter lunch. No pressure there, right?
Well, since I thought that just the cake alone didn't make for a very complicated task (beware of heavy irony), I want to make it gluten-free, lactose-free and still delicious as hell!
There you go, I just Barney Stinson-ed myself, so I am accepting the challenge!!!!

The video makes it look pretty simple, and I consider myself a rather successful cook, albeit some mishaps here and there.
Take a look for yourselves.

So what do you think?
Can I make it?

Kiss and Peace
Puzzled Miss Sinister

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cosmoprof Bologna - the day after

I am exhausted, yet totally excited to show you what I got and what I bought at Cosmoprof Bologna!
For this of you who have no idea what that is, have a look here.

First of all I want to thank all the wonderful, excited, exciting people I met yesterday! You rock! 
I had an amazing time running around from stand to stand, meeting amazing people, getting cream up to my elbows, sniffing and testing, photographing and laughing. I don't know if it was just me, but I thought everybody was super-friendly despite having been there since Friday and having seen and spoken to thousand of people.

Well, after about 8 hours of walking around, snapping as many pics as I could (never enough I assure you) this is what I got or I bought:

This is all stuff I really wanted and I will be testing in the following weeks.

I've bought an awesome body foam from Greenland Bodycare that I can't wait to try,  had my hand peeled and buttered by Premier Dead Sea (thanks Eli, it was sheer magic), got a lesson on micro-particles technology from Invex Remedies (and a whole lot of stuff to test out - I actually just started taking their dietary supplement Silor+B - I'll let you know how it goes), got more soap than I could carry from Florinda, and Alighiero Campostrini and two wonderful people that make Savon D'Alep.
I also literally fell in love with a sweet natured man called Danilo from Kroll Cosmetics who comes from Venice and is very proud of that (I'm going to go visit asap).
I reminisced about my very short trip to Naples with Kost Make-up, an Italian Naples based brand of low cost make-up products with excellent Italian review (I'm going to try them this week and let you know). There are some more that I haven't yet said anything about but I will come back with a second post about Cosmoprof this week. 

I was practically in tears by the end of the day because of all the stuff I was carrying around and abruptly decided that next year I'm bringing a suitcase just like all the smart people that brought one this year. 
I will be slowly reviewing all of these things and many more I haven't yet mentioned.
I'm taking pictures of everything and coming back!

Kiss and Peace
Tired Miss Sinister

Sunday, March 22, 2015

On my way to Cosmoprof Bologna

Good morning!
I'm off to Cosmoprof Bologna with my nail artist friend.
Did my yoga, had my OJ and cup of matcha, fireballed with Pitbull (go-to song for early morning start-your-engines) and am now ridding shotgun all giddy!
Can't wait to post this evening!

Kiss and Peace
Giddy Miss Sinister

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Grey Tuesday Work Look

Off to work!

Silk shirt (I made it)
Prada jeans
My fav Janet&Janet patent Chelsea boots
Prada down jacket

Lorde became a royal

Don't you find it strange when a new singer comes out, and he's so talented and so fresh you just want to squeeze all of their creative juices right out of them?
Then, steadily but surely, the talent gets a backseat to a show of perennial commercialisation where everything you loved about the character to begin with gets buried under a ton of designer clothes, wild cars, even wilder antics and etc, etc.
Don't get me wrong, I love designer clothes and ... well, I love designer clothes and everybody is pretty much free to lead any possible life they wish to, but.
But you should be careful about what you opinionated on the aforementioned articles in order to attract a horde of fans.
Here's a piece of an interview with my fav, Lorde, from Rookiemag just a little over a year ago.
"It was a very convincing Tumblr URL. Tumblr gives me anxiety and I don’t use it anymore, but I enjoy following yours. You have some fashion stuff on there, and I am interested in the way you think about style and the way you dress.
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been into clothes, but not really labels—that’s kind of only been in the last year or so. It’s something I’ve always cared about. I used to just constantly thrift and make stuff and cut stuff up and borrow my dad’s stuff and borrow my little brother’s stuff and all that jazz. I guess that approach means that I’ll wear something from 1992 to a red carpet event because I have no concept of “this is current” or whatever. It’s just, if something is cool, then it’s cool. A lot of ’90s fashion isn’t simple, but, for example, Kate Moss in the Calvin Klein ads, or a white T-shirt and black pants, just that kind of clean, powerful aesthetic—that’s what I’m really drawn to. I recently bought this Acne jacket. I’m gonna go put it on. I’ve just started buying kind of brand-y stuff, but I get too scared because I’m like, “This is so expensive, I can’t justify it.” But I bought this Acne jacket and it’s so awesome. Hang on. [Runs off to get the jacket and returns wearing it]"

And this is Lorde, clad in Chloé at the Chloé Paris fashion show.She became a royal?She clearly got over whatever she was feeling about not buying expensive labels.Next up, crazy cars, trashing an expensive suite at an even more expensive hotel with bestie Taylor Swift (this is pure imagination, but bear with me) and french-kissing Cara Delevigne for Burberry.Sidenote: I know she looks amazing and she is a whiz kid deserving of laurels and nothing else. But she should have at least gone to see Valentino!

Kiss and Peace

Royal Miss Sinister

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday fun day - DIY polka dots potted plants

I am a very crafty person. This being said, this skill of mine is sometimes responsible for small little work of arts (this is usually when I'm working with kids in my classes) and sometimes (to be read many times) responsible for epic fails.
I woke up this morning feeling particularly crafty and had been thinking about repotting some geraniums for quite some time now but hadn't really gotten around to doing it because of...well, everything.
And this is what happened.

And this is how I did it.

Monday, March 9, 2015

My all-things-green pie

Have I ever told you about my obsession with green food?
You know how kids hate green food when they're young? I wasn't one of those.
Apart from my early obsession with shoes (I insisted on buying a pair of red patent mary-janes despite they were a shoe-size too small, and this was when I was 2), I have also loved to cook, watch cooking or eat the results of cooking. I was on the side of chubby for most of my childhood, adorable chubby mind you!

With a pastry chef grandma, I got lots of practice, but what generally makes sense to me cooking-wise, has never really made sense to my grandma. She likes greasy, buttery things that Dr. Oz would shriek at the mere sight of the recipe. Don't get me wrong, I like my crazy grandma food every now and again, but I'm usually on the side of healthy, light, easily-digestible, green!

And this brings us to today's recipe!
My city-girl, easy-to-do, all-things-green, gluten-free pie

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy Women's Day!

Happy Women's Day!

Between studying and daydreaming about Valentino's rockstud patent leather kitten-heel pumps in yellow, I got these from my Mr. Mystery. 
And girls I don't know about you, but flowers are my second favorite thing after shoes and photography. Well, third favorite thing.

So I treated my man to an awesome Sunday lunch with asparagus tagliatelle and orange&spices cod. Of which I completely forgot to take a pic of. (Insert forehead slap noise)
But I will cook them again and be back with photos and recipes!

Until then, have a wonderful day with wonderful people and way too many flowers!

Kiss and Peace
Flowery Miss Sinister

Saturday, March 7, 2015

No screwing around, please!

Shopping has been very unnappealing to me lately. I will admit the fact that being virtually broke has seriously dented my fashion addiction, but I'm missing desire here,guys.
I have not yearned for a jacket, dreamt of a shoe or tried out just for the fun of it any dresses since I saw Versace for H&M.
And ha!, no, it's not Donatella's fault for my recent fashion-challenged self. Her clothes weren't that bad.
It's just that every shop I go into has a lot of dull clothes, colorless, many shapeless (and don't give me the whole "they're supposed to be that way"), a lot too expensive for their quality, and basically almost all the same. It's weird.

I got all googley eyed when I saw Chiara Ferragni's shoes only to remember (insert forehead slap noise here) that I already own a pair of glitter shoes. They're called Miu Miu baby mary-janes (I have to take a pic and put it up here) and I'm already completely in love with them, hence the dying need to own a pair of Ferragni's shoes disappeared. Something along the lines of my perfect black pencil skirt when I broke up with an ex that had some of my clothes at his place... Ever been there?

Well, anyway, I've been out soul shopping (aka scouting things I'll buy just as soon as I can afford them) and I haven't awed and ooed once. Maybe a dress (but I have known of it for about a month so it doesn't count) and some shoes (old flame, died early because they didn't have my size, but I still visit them).
I don't know if it's just me. Labels and brands (not high fashion, top labels, we're talking about normal, average, mall-friendly labels) seem to have but just one designer which they happily share and pass around in a twisted fashion orgy, giving birth to the same ugly offsprings.
You see, when it comes to fashion, I'm conservative. No screwing around, please!

Kiss and Peace
Bored out of her wits Miss Sinister

Friday, March 6, 2015

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Good evening guys!
Just came by to say Green Vogue and Glam is up on bloglovin'

Kiss and Peace,
A Satisfied Miss Sinister

Something for the eyes, Something for the ears

Good morning!

Woke up to the windiest morning ever, did my yoga, ate my oatmeal, cuddled my adorable pooch and got down to business.

Another day of studying in the life of our SuperSinister.
But this bad weather got me thinking.

I don't have many beauty tips but the few that I do have have been thoroughly tested and girl-sans-standby-makeup-artist proofed.
I have mixed skin so I have to take care of my skin with different products.
I have just recently discovered this, may I call it, wundercream for my eyes.
It's tiny yet surprisingly sufficient, sufficiently hydrating yet not at all sticky and it costs a fraction of what I used to be paying for big brands.
This is a pic
I know it doesn't look like much but trust me, it amazing!
If you follow this link
you can get all the info you need (P.S. At the bottom of the page you will find other international pages, this is Italy's)

On another topic, I just bought myself some ear candy that I have been dying to wear!

They look like something my mom would have worn on a night out when she was my age (actually she even admitted to owning a pair or two at some point).
I was thinking of pairing them with a black sweater, black skinny jeans and black, over-the-knee, leather boots.
I will come back with a pic as soon as that happens.

There's some other wild friend stories to share but that will have to wait for now.
Back to the studying.

Kiss and Peace
Miss SuperSinister