Thursday, March 26, 2015

Have you met Flickable?

Following the rainiest possible day, and yes, I live in sunny Italy apparently, I'm getting ready to go visit my mom and get my shopping freak on. Hot pink and paisley are a must for such a non-spring day and while I was at it...
I got in the mood to try my favourite Cosmoprof item.
Ladies and...well, just ladies, I give you the lollipop-shaped Flickable lipgloss.

It looks like a lollipop which is totally adorable in my eyes, it tastes like bubble gum, the pink, sweet, when-you-were-a-teenager one that I happen to still completely adore and it's not sticky! (there you go Kevin, I said it)
As soon as I got to Cosmoprof on Sunday, literally within 5 minutes that I had begun taking pics of the place, I stumble upon this delightful lollipop stand with a perky, cheery, adorable man called Kevin David and I just give out the loudest "Awwww" in the world, which in turn made just about everybody around burst into uncontrollable laughter. Damn my secret weakness for all things shaped like dessert!

We start talking, me asking the usual questions (Is it green? Is it gluten free? Is it organic, How much does it cost?), all the while I was secretly thinking this was the most fun little beauty concoction I had seen in a while. Don't get me wrong, the Pupa palettes still get me every time I pass by them in a beauty store, but this is something new.

Kevin was a sweetheart and gifted me this pretty little thing, the "Do Ya Pink I'm Sexy" lipgloss.
Ah yeah, that's the other thing, all of them have a catchy, American culture-inspired name that gets me every time I take it out of my purse.
Along with mine, maybe you feel you're "Better Off Red" or maybe "Citrus How We Do It", or maybe you enjoy some Toffee Talk. And I know each of you girls has had to Fight For Your White To Party at some point, so now you have a lipgloss to match that.

I have been putting mine on for a few days now and I have to tell you, I love it. It's long lasting, not sticky and doesn't make my lips feel dry after it has worn off (like so many do). I will stick to using it for the next weeks and let you know more but so far "the dough is still puffing", like my grandma' used to say. (I will explain all of these weird grandma' references at some point)

It's 18$, which yours truly thinks isn't that much for such a nice product. (don't forget you'll whip it out in a bathroom full of girls and you'll instantly be the centre of attention and/or envy)
- mental post-it - must try that asap.
It ships worldwide which got me even more excited (Xmas gifts!). I went ahead and tried to order it to my Italian in-the-middle-of-nowhere address and it just adds a mere 6.55$ for the shipping (it might take a little longer than forever to get here, but I've got my "Do Ya Pink I'm Sexy" to keep me company).

All in all, a nice little find I will undoubtedly re-buy.

Now I'm off to get my above-mentioned shopping freak on.
Total look of the day:

Paisley pants Zara
Hot pink cashmere sweater Teodori
Bare feet me

Kiss and Peace
Flickable Miss Sinister

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