About me

Step with care and great tact ,and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act. 

Dr. Seuss

I'm Oana, the mastermind behind Green Vogue and Glam.
I'm in my twenties, a perpetual immigrant, deeply in love with languages, obsessed with fashion, food and fitness.
I am wickedly opinionated and a little bit stubborn, both of which have taken years to admit; very into photography, more into it than practically anything else and very devoted to B&W.
I write about a little bit of everything trying to find interesting and useful things to get, comment on or simply share with all of you.

My ideal audience includes: smart, beautiful, creative, ambitious, hard-working, good, generous, fashion obsessed girls and boys which pretty much means 99% of the planet.

For any extra info, ask away in the comments!

If you want to contact me, comment here or go to one of my socials and DM me.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister
P.S. I adore Dr. Seuss. *wink*

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