Thursday, April 30, 2015

H&M Badass Models Summer Campaign

Badass Adriana, Doutzen, Joan and Natasha for H&M summer campaign.
Highly unrealistic and somewhat pretentious. Definitely entertaining and inspiring.
Watch it several times and those Cassey Ho burps will start to make sense.
I kinda want Joan's mashup of a dress. Anybody else feeling it?

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

Rainy day outfit

Went shopping with some friends on the rainiest day possible! I wore something fun, colorful, comfortable and just plain alive to do battle with the ever dark weather situation! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
Keeping my fingers crossed for better weather! (Why isn't there a fingers crossed emoticon?!???)

Powdered Pink Pleather Jacket - Stradivarius (found it for next to nothing on sale a few year ago! :) )
Pink T-Shirt - H&M
Salmon Pink Pants - Zara
Blue "Celeste" Bag - Coccinelle 
Cuoio Wedged Shoes - no particular brand, just really awesome Italian craftsmanship. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

P.S. I played around with the filters. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some thoughts for May

In between studying, working and living, I spend countless hours online.
Sometimes these are fruitful and I stay focused. Most of the times I'm just looking at make-up tutorials, clothes, shoes (X10), health news and such.
And every month I make a sort of ranking of what I would like to buy, use, try out or just plain out do.
And I've just finished doing my May one. Here it goes.

1. Buy a dress dungaree. A dressungaree?
I want a simple, possibly clear washed jeans one that doesn't cost an arm and leg and can easily be forgotten at the back of my closet after having been worn 3 times. Don't judge - we all do that!

This one from Topshop is peach perfect an costs just 44€. Insert smiling Miss Sinister.

2. Go to an Apple store (Medstore here in Italy) and try the new iWatch. I have been wanting one ever since Cupertino threw it at us some months back.
I haven't decided if I'll buy it or not - hey, there are some shoes that have been waiting patiently in line to be bought first - but maybe I'll splurge on one for my Bday in August. But I want to see it.
Any first impressions with the iWatch? Has anybody got one already?

3. Buy the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer for the whooping price of 38€
I saw quite a few good reviews about this product but the one that really stood out was the A Model Recommends one. I love her blog and she really does a good job at explaining all the basics of her make-up routine which I've found to be both simple and easily followable.
My only concern is my allergy-prone skin and the ingredients (silicone or such - eek!).
Does anybody have some experience with this primer + allergy-prone skin?

4. Go back to swimming twice/thrice a week.
I have been overly lazy because of my studying and last week I went on a walk with the little monster and caught myself out of breath halfway to my perched-up-on-a-hill little Italian town. A big no no!

5. Drink hot water and lemon every morning.
I used to do this some time ago then life kind of got in the way and I stopped. But since I will be taking an exam next month, am stressed, work a lot and feel "acid" (I assume that's the weird feeling of just not right we all get during a particularly demanding period), I have decided to give it go. 

Take a look at this video that I saw over on becauseimaddicted for the 9 main benefits of drinking hot water and lemon in the morning.

What do you plan on buying/trying/making/doing/ -ing in May?

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

Friday, April 24, 2015

Have you seen Prada's videos?

Have you seen Prada's new videos?
Take a look at "The Postman Dreams"

My fav is The Laundromat.
A beautiful yet not so refreshingly not young woman does her laundry.
Her laundry consists of the grass green jumpsuit she has on, which she so elegantly slips off, throws into the washing machine, shakes her booty, slips a different not-less-fashionable dress on,gets served a cup of coffee by a passer-by postman, dances with the latter, tumble dries her jumpsuit, the postman tip taps, she gets dressed and leaves.
Ah...the magical world of wunderkind Autumn de Wilde.

Some considerations after seeing it (10 times or so)
1. The song is so stuck in my head I'm afraid I might start singing it at work, to my boyfriend, randomly on the street...
2. I want...NO. I NEED that green jumpsuit. And NO, I haven't spent all morning looking for it online. But just in case you find it. Let me know asap. Not later, as soon as possible. Really.
3. I need to find one of those postmen. He might casually come by with a cup of matcha when I'm doing the laundry. That would be handy.
4. Who is that woman in this video and why isn't she the face of Prada's ad campaign???

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister Dreams of the Postman

Thursday, April 23, 2015

An outfit under 50 € - you need to see and read this story

In light of my efforts to cut down on my spending, I have been secretly hunting for bargains. But I'm a picky shopper. I like quality, I like great fabrics and I live for high fashion, all of which never come at a reasonable price. My credit card can vouch for that.
So to my total surprise, my mom came over for a only-girls lunch, a trip to the dentist and to kick some fashion sense into me. Not in that order precisely but you get my point.

Last week, she accepted my challenge (Barney Stinson style) to buy a total outfit for under 50€. 
I said it was impossible, she said it wasn't. That and a bunch of other words that summed up meant I was spoiled. We laughed and I thought that would be the end of it. But low and behold, and again total Barney Stinson style, she comes for our girls lunch clad with her shopping foray meant to shame my monthly expenditure on clothes for all eternity.

She got me three adorable, chic, truly fashionable yet ridiculously cheap pieces that make for one cool outfit.

Yellow cotton sweater - Zara (a sample sale) 12,90 €
Geometric print pencil skirt - Zara 14,90 € (from the freakin' shop)
Pink camouflage clutch - Carpisa 19,90 €

Grand total = 47,70 €
Total shock.
I did throw in my white H&M T-shirt and a pair of never-worn Miu Miu nude patent plateaux sandals but who doesn't have a white T-shirt and some nude shoes?
I am beyond proud of my mom.
What do you think?

I'm thinking of hiring her as a personal shopper. She would undeniably give my credit card some deeply needed rest. :)

One more pic of me and the little monster who was happily assisting me with the photo taking.

Kiss and Peace
Owned Miss Sinister

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

An oddly fashionable old sweater and some apologies

Sorry for being MIA, work and the dentist and my Mystery man and my Dudรน and just about the whole world have been keeping me pretty busy. But I promise I'll have a nice post for you tomorrow morning.
I'll even throw in the coffee. Even a croissant.

In the meantime, here's a couple of shots just before tropical weather hit my area and I've stopped wearing sweaters.
I dug up this old sweater that I bought at a flee market for next to nothing. I'm happy to say that it has become terribly fashionable this season and with Coachella still in sight in our fashion mobil rear-view mirror. So I put it on, a pair of studded Chelsea boots that I will wear to my grave and frolicked in my garden.

Old and now fashionable sweater of unknown origin
Black T-shirt - H&M (they're my favs)
Cropped Skinny Jeans - Prada
Studded Chelsea boots - custom made in Shoe Wonderland aka Montegranaro Italy

I'm off to bed with a book about the discourse features of the English language. Things are going to get wild. Wild, I tell you!

Kiss and Peace
Sleepy Miss Sinister

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I kickstarted my morning - so should you

Gooooood morning!
Woke up to a wonderfully sunny day after the most bewildering dream.
I'm a rare dreamer so when it does happen it pretty much freaks me out. I spent about 30 minutes on dream interpretation websites (with no luck) and kind of remembered seeing an instagram about a stickable camera the size of an 80s earring.
I could remember the name of course so I had to hunt through my previous days' internet forays until I finally found it!

Even the name is adorable!

It's a stick and shoot little camera that acts as a second camera for your iPhone, or as a selfie stick minus the stick, or even as a "somebody is taking my photo, it's not a selfie" kinda thing.
8 MP, LED flash, smart, colorful, light. Green Vogue and Glam all the way. I want one!!!!
It's over on Kickstarter and I just pledged myself a Podo for August! Just in time for my bday.
Super happy.

Take a look and see for yourself. You might want one immediately!

Kiss and Peace
Podofied Miss Sinister

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Keep calm and go lightly

Keep calm and go lightly.

Good morning!
Off for a mani and have breakfast. Hopefully I will find a Tiffany's along the way. Or maybe Holly Golightly coming back from some party.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Kiss and Peace
Miss GoSinisterly 

Friday, April 17, 2015

The "Perfect" Body by Cassey Ho - you need to watch this!

I love this girl. I LOVE THIS GIRL!

Kiss and Peace

#theperfectbody Miss Sinister

The 5 foods that really made a difference

Ever since I could browse, I have always been obsessed (yes, I said obsessed) with health sites. Among the several thousands I must have read over the years, I have built up a ridiculous and quite frankly, embarrassingly accurate database of super foods, health fads, medical facts, personal experiments and the consequences of those and overall a holistic whole lot of knowledge.

I have to say that because of my food allergies, some skin issues and just everyday life, this knowledge has come quite in handy.
I went gluten-free about 5 years ago by myself to treat my constant fatigue and stomachache and it worked miracles for my skin, my digestion and my overall energy levels.

I stopped drinking milk (despite being head-over-heels for all things dairy) and this stopped my constant skin outbreaks and my on and off morning headaches.

I started eating more green veggies than a Martian and noticed how this in turn improved my hair, my skin's elasticity and got rid of some belly fat in no time.

About 2 years ago while trying to enrich my diet I came upon the benefits of quinoa. This was about the time when I was ready to throw my Basmati, my Venere and my Carnaroli rice out the window so this really saved me.
I have since cooked quinoa in every possible way, steamed, with veggies, with Tofu, with meat for my friends (they loved it), with milk and vanilla for a sweet morning treat and have tried to make homemade cereal bars with it. I failed with the last one.

This year, about 2 months ago, I had experienced a bit of headaches and a crazy metallic taste in my mouth that left me bewildered. I eat clean, exercise and don't drink an impressive amount of alcohol, just the occasional glass of wine.
After much debate I decided to stop drinking coffee and see what happened. Now it's been 2 months and I feel great. I used to drink 3-4 cups (Italian espressos) and felt sluggish or got headaches if I didn't. I am still in awe of the fact that I can handle a 13 hour work-home-exercise day without a sip of coffee.

So this is my 5 foods list that have really made a difference in the way I feel.

1. Quinoa - it's a seed not a grain, easily cookable, packed with protein, the B-vitamin complex, vitamin E, calcium and fiber. You can buy everywhere nowadays but try the organic stores for an unprocessed higher quality. It's also quite cheap. It goes for about 3,50 €/ 500 g here in Europe and about 8 $/ pound in the US.

2. Soy Milk - it's milk presenting itself in Spanish. :) delicious, comes in every possible variation (chocolate, vanilla, soyaccino, strawberry, caramel etc) but I usually go for the simple one. You can find the added sugar one and the no added sugar one. As a soy consumer for the past 5 years, I have tried them all and I have to say that the sugar added one (where obviously you shouldn't add any extra sugar) is the best. It's easy to find it anywhere, is almost as cheap as normal milk and stores so much better.

3. Green Veggies - I would have chosen any of the veggies in the pic and that would have sufficed, but honestly I actually eat all of those in combination. I grow my own artichokes, broccoli, cucumbers, peas, salad and arugula. Trust me, it's simpler than you think. Buy green or dark green veggies, fresh or frozen (my boyfriend's father - my agricultural guru, freezes everything over the winter so he's always telling me that frozen veggies have nothing to be ashamed of) and steam, boil or eat them raw. Stay away from frying them since they oxidate.

4. Coconut Oil - I virtually use it on and with everything. I use it to make pancakes and muffins, I use it to add a bit of flavour to my curry, I use it on my hair and cuticles and in the strawberry milkshake I  have for breakfast. I only discovered it about a year ago but it has become my kitchen staple and something that is really useful to have around the house. Cheap, packed with healthy fatty acids that help your brain, circulatory system and your digestive system, it increases immunity and fight off fungi infections, go for the virgin cold-pressed version since it retains more positive qualities than the others.

5. Matcha Green Tea - my best kept secret revealed. Since I've stopped drinking coffee, I have been drinking 1 to 2 cups of this mystery green powder everyday and besides feeling energetic and not at all sluggish, I've also noticed it has helped shed some body fat. I didn't start drinking it for that reason, but since I have been doing everything like I normal do, with an exercise routine that hasn't changed at all in the past 6 months or so, the only difference has been me adding the matcha to my diet and boom, my body fat has gone down (according to my usually ruthless Aria Fitbit scale).
Matcha is a fine powder green tea, a Japanese ceremony tea that involves you, the tea, a whisk, some glazed bowl-like cups and hot water (not boiling - around 80-75°C/175°F). I prepare it Nespresso Aeroccino, pour it in my purple Solimene cup, sip it throughout the morning and it tastes just fine. :)
Give it a try for that crazy antioxidant punch it will give you and who knows, maybe you can corroborate my shrinking body fat story. I buy mine on Amazon has got the best prices.

Kiss and Peace
Green Miss Sinister

Monday, April 13, 2015

April Love&Hate List

Love: Lenny & NYC

Although this is by far not a new song, I just bought "Strut" yesterday while going to work. I saw him performing this amazing song on my other famous person in the world, Letterman and nearly fell to pieces. Because, ladies and gents, if there is something I love more than New York, that's Lenny.
Put those two together, ass-huggin' leather pants, an "Oh Lord" every now and again, a smoking' description of NYC and you get one purrfect situation.
Lenny Kravitz's "New York City" is on repeat for the next month or so. Check out the vid.

Hate: Delia's so-called Delicate Eye Makeup Remover

I bought this evil concoction on the word of a friend. "It's wonderful! Organic, it smells great, it's not very expensive and it's a big bottle!". (insert growl) I simply hate it. I bought it just after New Year's after a failed love affair with a Clinique one. And I was hopeful. And it does smell really nice.
BUT it doesn't work, you need to practically erase your eye completely in order to get rid of your makeup. And once you've orbitally assaulted yourself, you get the wonderful side. It magically makes your eyelids stick to your arch, sitting like two rolled up yoga mats. Wonderful. A complete waste of my money and patience so I thought I'd share. Don't make the same mistake.

Love: Check out this Checkerboard combo

I love Zara. I really do. One of the reasons is that I can buy a pair of checkered shorts with a matching crop top like this, spend under 100 € and then continue fantasising about the 400 € shoes I want to match this outfit with. Ah, the delights of shopping wisely.

Double Love: Pink in your face

Pink has been, is and will be a very cool cat. Beside being a talented artist she also possesses a brain, a thing one should appreciate proportionally to the number of brain-possessing artist that are out there.
She spoke out in defence of her dress that made her look like (insert Dracula inspired leading-up-to type of music) a woman!!!! She looks just fine to me, so does her wonderful dress, her kid and her participating to a cancer freakin' benefit, not to the MET gala.
Way to go girl!

Double Hate: Exam Prep

I am in the final leg of my Delta race which means I now have to revision, prep and mainly due all of the boring studying part that I have always loathed.
My day is filled with reading, testing, reviewing and memory games with Delta content. Yay. 
I will put up a counter. My exam is on the 3rd June aka D Day. 
(mental post - find a timer add on for the blog)

Love Love Love: Hillary is going back for seconds

Dear all, I care not about the political color of this woman. She could be a half Martian, one quarter Mongolian, one quarter Somalian for all that I cared.
She is AWESOME! She is what I wanted to be growing up (and abandoned due to lack of big, fat, Harvard graduating, husband kicking, Obama opposing balls). And she's going back for seconds!
You have to appreciate her determination, her will, her catchy slogan and above all, her freakin' game.
Can't wait to see how this goes down.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

Saturday, April 11, 2015

5 Life facts I've already figured out

From personal experience, friend's tell-tales, hear-say and a heck of a lot of considering, I've come up with my own 5 life facts I've learned so far. Here they go:

1. Nothing happens randomly. There is some reason behind everything that will ever happen to you but you might:
a) not see it yet
b) not get it yet
c) see it, get it, but not accept it yet

2. You are what you eat. Put the french fries down. Forget about milk chocolate, butter, creme fraiche. Stop drinking now, no better yet stop yesterday. Quit smoking. Eat your greens and stay away from meat unless it grows in your backyard but then again who would ever eat Rosie and Carmen?!? (P.S. my chickens).
Stop intoxicating your taste buds getting them high on a daily schedule and then expect to have radiant skin and no health problems.

3. Don't cry over spilt milk. I've long gone stopped blaming myself for every wrong in this world or even for the wrongs that I do. I eff up, say I'm sorry, learn something from it and go on. Nobody will give you back those hours/days/months you spend simmering over some stupid thing you've done, someone else did or which will inevitably happen (my favourite).

4. Exercise is not an option. You don't go to the gym, or swimming, or do pilates or yoga or piloga or whatever for your swimsuit alone. You do it so that when you'll be old you'll look and feel like Jane Fonda or Helen Mirren. Plus we won't have to ask our internet dependent children for everything.

5. Love is no walk in the park, but if it's there you'll climb a mountain. Love is a messy, tricky, complicated beyond belief affair. It's far from easy and it's not cupcakes, heart, flowers and Cupid popping up everywhere. But that doesn't matter. And it's ok if you're not in love. You can be in love with you for a while. Love is really only worthwhile if that person betters you, not brings you down. (a big smacking heart-shaped, flower-topped, Cupid-delivered cupcake goes out to my Mystery who makes me better everyday).

I'm sure the list will become longer with time, but for now I feel pretty darn proud of my sinister little self for having figured out this much already.
Do you have any life facts you've figured out already?

Kiss and Peace
Proud Miss Sinister

Friday, April 10, 2015


I'm looking for a new flash for my camera.
And I don't know what to buy.
This is a n° 1 on Amazon and am very inclined to order it asap but I could also invest that money in a new pair of jeans ( - insert drooling action here).
I do need a new flash. I also need to show you guys my new haircut. :)

Any suggestions?

Kiss and Peace
Puzzled Miss Sinister

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Do you ever feel "culture bound"?

Best darned thing I read since starting the Delta.

Made my day.

Kiss and Peace
Culture Bound Miss Sinister

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Coachella Calling

Cochella Calling

Coachella isn't in the plans unless it moves to Italy too, but if I was going this would totally be what I would wear.

Kiss and Peace
Aztec Miss Sinister

FKA Twigs or what you need to do to be noticed 2.0 style

I get extra excited by new up and coming artist since I am an underdog junkie. About a year ago I started checking out FKA Twigs music and abruptly decided she had insane video, contortion and make-up skills, and absolutely no music skills whatsoever. Again, I stress this is my opinion, the profane opinion of a music listener that couldn't play an instrument or carry a tune if her life depended on it.

But according to my iTunes bill, I am a music connoisseur and the internet allows for free speech.

If Madonna, Grace Jones, Italy's Renato Zero (if you don't know who this is , google him up) and Lady Gaga would indulge in an orgy, FKA Twigs (how the f do you pronounce that and I wonder if her parents call her FKA or Twigs or both) would be their spawn.

I get that 2.0 (or maybe 3.0 or 4.0, I've lost count) people need to be constantly surprised and entertained by their chosen modern-day Gods of Olympus, but really?

I watch this video and all I can think is: Is this a trailer? When is the show/movie/exhibition coming out?

Maybe I'm too much of a prude. I bet I am.

Kiss and Peace

Prude Miss Sinister

Monday, April 6, 2015

Gluten-Free Rainbow Checkerboard Cake + Easter talk

I finally got to unveil my Checkerboard Cake.

A cake in the making

Gluten-free Rainbow Checkerboard Cake part 2

Gluten-free Rainbow Checkerboard Cake part 3

I had so much fun making this and honestly, apart for the decorating part, I found this to be very easy recipe.
You can find the recipe over on MyCupcakeAddiction and it's pretty much the ingredients in the first picture at the top x 2 for a full 6 layer cake.
Some worthy advice:
1. Use a pre-made cake mix. Trust me, trying to get a cake just right, rainbow and checkerboarded is too much for any holiday.
2. Mix the batter in a Kitchen Aid. Don't go crazy an play the perfect 50's housewife that can do it all. Also, mix one batch at a time. This should produce 3 layers.
3. Bake the layers three at a time. Remember they take less time to bake because they are thin.
4. I used a simple simple buttercream for the filling (250 g butter + 500 g sugar + about 100 g of cream cheese - all lactose free), put it between the layers a day before serving the cake and wait a hefty 6 hours before thinking that the cake will never hold and hence panic (this is basically what I did)
5. Cover the cake with either whipped cream(Chantilly cream) or buttermilk cream and/or fondant like I did. But make sure you know which one you are using beforehand and be prepared for double or even triple layers before the cake actually is covered. I wasn't hence I panicked yet again.
6. Decorate with simple, potentially pre-made decorations or be prepared to curse every Cake Boss episode you've ever seen. I did that but in the end the cake looked nice.
7. Don't give away the surprise! That's the best part!

I have to say I was super duper proud of myself for pulling off a difficult cake and actually making it gluten-free AND lactose-free much to the surprise of my family.
Mission accomplished I might say.

Easter was fabulous. Lots of Italian food, artichokes in particular, I have been cultivating a deep relationship with this oh-so-Italian vegetable. We had a wonderful time and missed my mom terribly because she couldn't join us. Next week will be Easter Part 2 especially for mom.

Easter was also "Unveiling the New Shoes Day" so tada!
Cue leather lace-ups with a bright white wedge that make me feel like Gulliver in Lilliput, but I have to say they are beyond comfortable. So you should get used to these shoes because you will be seeing me in them quite a lot.

The little monster got in some pics either directly participating or distracting me.

Pink Marylin Monroe print T-shirt
Bershka white jeans
New wedge lace-ups (I have to remember to put the name up)
Little monster

Kiss and Peace
Rainbow Miss Sinister

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The paper cup theory

I used to be a lot more philosophical about life. Somehow, in the middle of of my mid-twenties existence, I forgot all about that. I wrote things down, I thought about why I did something or why one of my friends was suffering like an abandoned puppy because of some dog-like boyfriend. No insult intended to dogs here.
And I wrote.
And I haven't done that in the longest of time. Just sit down with a blank piece of paper/blogspot and pour my sinisterly philosophical heart in it.
Today I went to McDonalds for a cup of tea. Ignore the fact that I have to go to McDonalds for take-away tea, that deserves another post in itself.
Yesterday I went to McDonalds with my friend, Miss Mob and we had tea.
I'm guessing you're wondering when I'll cut to the philosophical part.

Yesterday I had tea in a porcelain cup. Today I had tea in a paper cup.
Bam! My neural synapses exploded.
Paper cups don't allow for an easy dispersion of heat. Porcelain cups do.
I'm a freakin' porcelain cup.
I don't hold on to things, I completely misplace everything and anything left in my possession. I am bad with finance, and no, not the theoretical part of it, I was actually quite good at it in college, I'm bad at keeping money in my pocket and out of [INSERT random fashion website/famous brand/new designer/expensive food/Mr. Mystery gifts/flowers/shoes galore HERE]'s pockets.
I can remember the freakiest, most useless things possible read on a magazine, on a train, 5 years ago while standing on my suitcase, but I completely forget team meetings that happen every month on the same day.
I buy perfect t-shirts and awesome shoes only to find I have the exact same model (potentially same brand) in my closet already and have already worn and discarded it from my fashion existence.
I remember birthdays like my life depended on them and I forget to pay my phone bills so when I have to call the people on the afore-mentioned birthdays I discover I have to argue on the phone with some Italian operator on the other side of the world explaining I am a porcelain cup.

And they don't get it. Because that's the thing. I'm surrounded by paper cups. I'm a lonely porcelain cup in a sea of perfectly built paper cups that allow for the dispersion of nothing. They keep their content warm until you just want to scream at them. They will always burn your tongue and never apologise because that's what they do. They keep things warm.
They will always make us, porcelain cups, be late (or at least seem like always late because they're always freakishly on time) because they never allow their content to get cold.
We get cold aka lose something - a job, an opportunity, a shoe, our car keys - and they never do that. They make it to the final tongue-scorching mile and that makes me, or us, porcelain cups go crazy!
That's the paper cup theory.
We're all paper cups or porcelain cups, carrying around our content, more or less scorching, in an endless cup competition.

Considering all of the Starbucks and McDonalds and Costa Coffee and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in the world, with all their perfectly engineered paper cups, we've got our work cut out for us.

Kiss and Peace
Porcelain Miss Sinister

Later edit: My perfect Mr. Mystery just said the most perfect of things: "But porcelain cups also absorb the heat...that's why they make everything more manageable."
So maybe I'm just partly dispersing and partly absorbing.
It's on paper cups, watch your recycled behinds!

How about you?

Do you like pyjama pants?

Wednesday Magic

Wednesday Magic by greenvogueglam featuring patterned pants

Everywhere I look nowadays I see pyjama-style silk pants fluttering on every type of body imaginable and in combined wildly with the most unthinkable accessories. And I love it!
Ever since I bought my first light blue and white linen pyjama style pants two years ago in Positano (mental post-it:must take a pic and post it here), I have been secretly wishing everybody would just get on board with wearing pyjama pants.
And low and behold, everybody had been craving and wishing for the same thing because last year and this year more than ever, long, flow, unflattering yet totally fabulous pyjama style pants are everywhere.

I haven't yet pulled my linen ones out from the summer boxes and yes, I have boxes to store summer attire because if not, I would wear everything all the time and people are weird about doing that here in Italy. You're supposed to wear winterables and then summerables and don't mix them or they'll stare you down with their innate, unattainable fashion sense right back to whatever foreign country you came from. Gotta love'em!

Yesterday I woke really early (damn you Wednesday), grabbed my brand-new, bought on sale Bershka black and white pyjama-style pants, a crisp white  Dolce&Gabbana shirt, my worn-out purple Converse sneakers and a very old H&M jeans jacket that I refuse to part with.
No make-up (it was either the make-up or the yoga, I chose the latter), took 5 pictures and went to work asap.

Last evening I got inspired to create the set at the top of the page.
It's a slightly different take on what I wore yesterday but I love it. I should have posted this yesterday, but I had dinner with Mr. Mystery and got sidetracked by his adorable self.
It also made me think I need to get a pair of white sneakers, like yesterday.

Kiss and Peace
A Late Miss Sinister