Saturday, April 11, 2015

5 Life facts I've already figured out

From personal experience, friend's tell-tales, hear-say and a heck of a lot of considering, I've come up with my own 5 life facts I've learned so far. Here they go:

1. Nothing happens randomly. There is some reason behind everything that will ever happen to you but you might:
a) not see it yet
b) not get it yet
c) see it, get it, but not accept it yet

2. You are what you eat. Put the french fries down. Forget about milk chocolate, butter, creme fraiche. Stop drinking now, no better yet stop yesterday. Quit smoking. Eat your greens and stay away from meat unless it grows in your backyard but then again who would ever eat Rosie and Carmen?!? (P.S. my chickens).
Stop intoxicating your taste buds getting them high on a daily schedule and then expect to have radiant skin and no health problems.

3. Don't cry over spilt milk. I've long gone stopped blaming myself for every wrong in this world or even for the wrongs that I do. I eff up, say I'm sorry, learn something from it and go on. Nobody will give you back those hours/days/months you spend simmering over some stupid thing you've done, someone else did or which will inevitably happen (my favourite).

4. Exercise is not an option. You don't go to the gym, or swimming, or do pilates or yoga or piloga or whatever for your swimsuit alone. You do it so that when you'll be old you'll look and feel like Jane Fonda or Helen Mirren. Plus we won't have to ask our internet dependent children for everything.

5. Love is no walk in the park, but if it's there you'll climb a mountain. Love is a messy, tricky, complicated beyond belief affair. It's far from easy and it's not cupcakes, heart, flowers and Cupid popping up everywhere. But that doesn't matter. And it's ok if you're not in love. You can be in love with you for a while. Love is really only worthwhile if that person betters you, not brings you down. (a big smacking heart-shaped, flower-topped, Cupid-delivered cupcake goes out to my Mystery who makes me better everyday).

I'm sure the list will become longer with time, but for now I feel pretty darn proud of my sinister little self for having figured out this much already.
Do you have any life facts you've figured out already?

Kiss and Peace
Proud Miss Sinister

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