Monday, April 6, 2015

Gluten-Free Rainbow Checkerboard Cake + Easter talk

I finally got to unveil my Checkerboard Cake.

A cake in the making

Gluten-free Rainbow Checkerboard Cake part 2

Gluten-free Rainbow Checkerboard Cake part 3

I had so much fun making this and honestly, apart for the decorating part, I found this to be very easy recipe.
You can find the recipe over on MyCupcakeAddiction and it's pretty much the ingredients in the first picture at the top x 2 for a full 6 layer cake.
Some worthy advice:
1. Use a pre-made cake mix. Trust me, trying to get a cake just right, rainbow and checkerboarded is too much for any holiday.
2. Mix the batter in a Kitchen Aid. Don't go crazy an play the perfect 50's housewife that can do it all. Also, mix one batch at a time. This should produce 3 layers.
3. Bake the layers three at a time. Remember they take less time to bake because they are thin.
4. I used a simple simple buttercream for the filling (250 g butter + 500 g sugar + about 100 g of cream cheese - all lactose free), put it between the layers a day before serving the cake and wait a hefty 6 hours before thinking that the cake will never hold and hence panic (this is basically what I did)
5. Cover the cake with either whipped cream(Chantilly cream) or buttermilk cream and/or fondant like I did. But make sure you know which one you are using beforehand and be prepared for double or even triple layers before the cake actually is covered. I wasn't hence I panicked yet again.
6. Decorate with simple, potentially pre-made decorations or be prepared to curse every Cake Boss episode you've ever seen. I did that but in the end the cake looked nice.
7. Don't give away the surprise! That's the best part!

I have to say I was super duper proud of myself for pulling off a difficult cake and actually making it gluten-free AND lactose-free much to the surprise of my family.
Mission accomplished I might say.

Easter was fabulous. Lots of Italian food, artichokes in particular, I have been cultivating a deep relationship with this oh-so-Italian vegetable. We had a wonderful time and missed my mom terribly because she couldn't join us. Next week will be Easter Part 2 especially for mom.

Easter was also "Unveiling the New Shoes Day" so tada!
Cue leather lace-ups with a bright white wedge that make me feel like Gulliver in Lilliput, but I have to say they are beyond comfortable. So you should get used to these shoes because you will be seeing me in them quite a lot.

The little monster got in some pics either directly participating or distracting me.

Pink Marylin Monroe print T-shirt
Bershka white jeans
New wedge lace-ups (I have to remember to put the name up)
Little monster

Kiss and Peace
Rainbow Miss Sinister

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