Monday, September 5, 2016

Top 5 Beauty Picks of the Week

Top 5 Beauty Picks of the week

Top 5 Beauty Picks of the week by greenvogueglam featuring yves saint laurent makeup

1. La Laque Couture - 47 Feuille D'Or 
Now if that name doesn't convince you to buy this little wunder nail polish, nothing will. I'm not one to swoon over a nail polish (call it La Laque if you will), but this little thing is seriously gorgeous. It has a very serious price but would make for an awesome birthday gift for a girlfriend.

2. Full Metal Shadow - 10 Wet Blue
I think ever since the little Kardashian brought us the miracles of the K-line, we are all seriously obsessed with little bottles of everything. This metal blue is perfection, super creamy, blends like there's no tomorrow, averages around 30€ but you get a good amount of product and is definitely a must for this fall/winter. For a brunette like myself, the color is very flattering.

3. Volupte Tint-In-Oil - 11 Love Me Nude
This is a lipgloss to all effects but there is something about the packaging, the scent, the way in which it's so rich yet totally not sticky, I'm hooked. If you're not one to use lipstick or such, you might want to try this luxe lipgloss.

4. Vernis a Levres Vinyl Cream - 407 Carmin Session
Has there ever been a more incredibly attractive little bottle? I look at this liquid lipstick and it looks like something a dominatrix would have in her latex purse and obsessively put on between spanking sessions. It is lusty, rich, very pigmented, long lasting, non-drying, marvellously varied and averagely priced. I already want 3.

5. Full Metal Shadow The Mats - 13 Velvet Beige
It's the matt eyeshadow we have all being waiting for. I've seen matt eyeshadows before but they always made me go "Nah". This product is the perfect mix of matt and fab and has all the great characteristics of Number 2 from my list with the added bonus that it's a limited time collection with only three colors. You have to hand it to them, they really know how to create frenzy. I've already bought this one and will be sharing some looks on Insta.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister