Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Money wise cosmetics

Day 27 of my New Year's resolution. I haven't yet used my credit card.
Hard? Yes. Very. 
I'm just starting to understand how much I really use it. I use it for lunches or dinners just as much as for shoes and beauty products.
Speaking of beauty products, let me just tell you how I found (and fell in love) with a small,cheap, organic beauty products company called Fitocose.
This is their website:  Crema all'alchimia

I stumbled upon their wonderful website on my search for beauty products that will be gentle on my skin and undemanding on my wallet. This because I spent endless years and too much money on brand cosmetics that made my sensitive allergy-prone skin break out.
These guys helped me get rid of all that.
I buy their cream makeup remover with allchemila extract and the matching face cream.
I absolutely love them! And I think I'm a though cookie.
Did I mention they cost a fraction of what I used to pay for my Clarins, La Mer, Dior and Chanel? 
And I can pay for their products when the delivery guy gets here! No credit card!

Kiss and Peace,
A hanging in there Miss Sinister

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New (and Challenging) Year!

Good morning world!
I wish you all had a fun New Year's Eve followed by an even better week! 
I did the predictable thing and set some wild objectives for 2015.
Obviously we've got the traditional "work out more", the time-consuming "study for my Delta exam more" and the most challenging thing I could possibly put myself through, the "no using the credit card this year".
Yes, my friends, no internet shopping, no crazy money draining couture shopping, no shoes over 100€, no crazy expensive dinners. Nada! Caput! 
And it's day 7 and Chiara Ferragni from #theBlondeSalad has been devilishly taunting me with her 165€ Flirting slippers.http://www.chiaraferragnicollection.com/en/collection-fw14/shoes/cf450-004-en.html 
Why oh why?!?
I've also set my eye on a heart-melting Ermano Scervino black laced dress that would set me back 350€.
I can't buy anything! 
And I know, don't roll your eyes at me, I don't need either. But really, fashion isn't about needing something.
I predict this is gonna be a pretty long year.

Kiss and Financial Peace
Miss Sinister