Monday, November 10, 2014

Luck would have it...

Good morning world! This morning we were treated to a bush breakfast!
Bush breakfast=a bush(preferably a Serengeti one)+a view(preferably a 360 degrees, breathtaking one)+a cook(one that can make french pancakes on top of a electricity lacking hill)+3 eager Europeans(one Sinisterly excited, one Mysteriously happy, one used to it Director).
A recipe for success!
Minus me stepping twice...yes you read that right - twice, in elephant dung. On a hill. With no running water. 
You know what they say. Stepping on ... brings good luck. I now have an elephant sized luck for at least a couple of months!

Kiss and Peace
Lucky Miss Sinister

Took a walk on the wild side

Crazy day yesterday! 2 dozen lions, more elephants than one can imagine, gazelles, zembras, wildabeast, buffaloes and pretty much the entire bird section of the encyclopedia made for some awesome photos!
All of that pilates really turned out to be useful since the road is the equivalent of the Grand Canyon in the Serengeti. Rock on Cassey Ho!
Another great surprise was the camp where we are staying. Set atop a hill we have a breathtaking view that is presided by a large group of wildabeast while behind us are some zebras, some more wildabeast and one solitary gazelle. Mystery took great joy in scaring the last half to death this morning when he stepped out of our tent wearing a bright blue jacket! Way to blend in,huh?!
The food here has been amazing and I think the camp owners might have secretly abducted Gordon Ramsey and are helding him hostage. The food has been that good!
Today they promised pasta. Maybe they also have Moreno Cedroni in there.
Today I had a very interesting chat about hippies.
Tomorrow I'm going to teach the camp staff some pilates. 

Kiss and Peace
Excited Miss Sinister

Go Go Go time!

KAnd we're in the Serengeti!! Woke up in Arusha at our friend's house, drove to airport, had a cold muffin and two espressos for breakfast, got on airplane, flew over Lake Manyara, Ngorogoro crater and just landed in the Serengeti. Time to take some photos!!

African adventures

After 7 (to be read an eternity) hours on board a large airplane with limited leg room, I want a coffee, an organic orange juice and blueberry muffin. I'm in Addis Ababa aka where airport came to die. Our African week begins with swollen knees, no decent coffee, very good ethiopean tea, Ebola screenings and a whole lot of healthy enthusiasm!!!
Mystery slept like a baby and is now frantically roaming the airport in search of a smoking room. He already smoked one in the waiting lobby before I pointed out the blatant (to be read huge) No Smoking sign.
There is no internet here (to be read I'm horrified) and I will post this as soon as I find some.

Kiss and Peace
Adventurous Miss S

The D&g that got me

After a long day slaving around my house getting ready for the end-of-the-world type of b-day party me and Mr. Mystery got going on tomorrow, I'm finally at the hairdresser's enjoying the peace and quiet of a bustling hairdresser's shop on a busy Saturday afternoon. Amidst the horde of Saturday-night fever women I found my quiet spot where to write this post. There is an undeniable quieteness to a roomfull of chit chatting women.
My shoe addiction, hibernating for some time now due to below freezing economic conditions, gave me quite a nudge the other day in Rome. 
Visiting the caput mundi on official Mystery&me business, we went for a (financially dooming) walk in the city center. A hop, skip and a step away I was trying 700€ macrame laced, stone embelished Dolce&Gabbana shoes. And let me just tell you that those shoes were made for walking...walking with my feet that is! 
Fast forward to a couple of days later and countless internet searches I have decided to save up and buy those ridiculous shoes! The how and the when are to be determined
Their use is also to be determined.

Kiss and Peace
A Dolce obsessed Miss S