Monday, November 10, 2014

The D&g that got me

After a long day slaving around my house getting ready for the end-of-the-world type of b-day party me and Mr. Mystery got going on tomorrow, I'm finally at the hairdresser's enjoying the peace and quiet of a bustling hairdresser's shop on a busy Saturday afternoon. Amidst the horde of Saturday-night fever women I found my quiet spot where to write this post. There is an undeniable quieteness to a roomfull of chit chatting women.
My shoe addiction, hibernating for some time now due to below freezing economic conditions, gave me quite a nudge the other day in Rome. 
Visiting the caput mundi on official Mystery&me business, we went for a (financially dooming) walk in the city center. A hop, skip and a step away I was trying 700€ macrame laced, stone embelished Dolce&Gabbana shoes. And let me just tell you that those shoes were made for walking...walking with my feet that is! 
Fast forward to a couple of days later and countless internet searches I have decided to save up and buy those ridiculous shoes! The how and the when are to be determined
Their use is also to be determined.

Kiss and Peace
A Dolce obsessed Miss S

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