Friday, September 18, 2015

Eco-Friendly Purrfection - Interview with Alyssa from AlternativeFashion

As you know, I'm a big fan of green things. And by that I mean a self-grown vegetable patch, organic cosmetics, the Grinch and eco-friendly fashion. 
And I've just discovered a new fashion brand to obssess over! It's called Alternative Fashion and it's *gasp* manned entirely by *even bigger gasp* a young, smart, beautiful blonde, Alyssa. Girl power!
I'm totally in love with the two pairs of legging you see in the pics here above and the blue dress. Ah, eco-friendly perfection.

I obviously nagged her with my incessant chirping and she graciously agreed to do this interview with me!
So lets he what makes Alternative Fashion tick.

Why go eco-friendly?

When we wear eco-friendly design, we are altering and advancing our wardrobe. Not only are we creating a sustainable earth, we are supporting our bodies. We are only avoiding the inevitable if we can’t decide what type of clothing supports our lives.

Who are your clothes for?

For the free-spirited, confident woman whom values comfort, ease, and effortless style. My clothes are for every woman that wants to look beautiful and feel beautiful. 

Which is your favourite piece from this collection?

The rhythm top. It has these cool cutouts on the sides, and you can wear it with a sports bra or tank top, dress it up, or wear it with leggings. It’s fresh, current, and fun.

Where does your #inspo come from?

I get inspiration from daily life. For a designer fashion and style is life. I get inspired by friends and family, nature, design, architecture, nutrition, health, dance, music, animals, the ocean.

If you could dress one celebrity of your choice in Alternative Fashion, who would it be?

Bjork wore and still wears the Alexander McQueen label. McQueen is a late designer that I admire, whom dressed Bjork for her performances. She was a very cool ambassador of his work. I would love to see her wearing some of my own designs, and once I develop an avant-garde, couture, ready-to-wear collection.

What will we see in the future from Alternative Fashion? Any sneak peek previews?

Alternative Fashion is currently working on SS16. I’ll be launching this in a couple months from now, you’ll have to stay tuned!

Connect with Alternative Fashion via its Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram pages.

Credits for the images:
Photographer: Matthew Lomanno
Model: Charlotte Hulseman
Hair: Jeannine Cardinal & Tara Whitten
Mua: Kaleigh Bisson

I have to say I'll be adding those leggings to my wishlist.
What are your favs?

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

P.S. Double post today! Yay!

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