Saturday, August 29, 2015

Late Friday Fav Five

Sorry for the late post. I was all caught up with a wonderful set of workshops that I attended and forgot to schedule this post to be published on Friday.
So today we have the Late Friday Fav 5. Here they are!

1. These YSL leather sneakers. Find them here for a heartbreaking 445€. And I mean this quite literally. I saw these sneakers in their fall selection and I could hear my heart shatter into a million little pieces at the thought of never buying them. Don't get me wrong, if I molest my credit card yet again, these could be a possibility. But since that thought is truly cringeworthy (apparently not an English word according to one of the EFL tutors in my workshops, but a mere American concoction. Well...God bless America!).
I might put this on my Xmas wish list and hope Santa's credit card is feeling better. :P

2. This look from Zara. I have a hate/love relationship with Zara. I love some of their ideas, looks, fabrics, patterns and definitely prices. I loathe (to be intended as truly the utmost form of annoyance, broken little hearts and small but deadly daggers) they wacky sizes, some jeans styles, definitely some of the fabric for their dresses (nylon galore anyone?) and their perpetually doubtful choice of models. 
But this pantsuit (?!?) is gorgeous. Definitely a great buy. Part of the love.
Find it here. Pants 69,95€ and top 49,95€

3. This Denim Midi Overall from  that looks absolutely delightful and has a decent price tag. Found on Pixie Market for 62$. I can definitely see this with a striped top and laced up oxfords. Or ... Oh, I can see a Polyvore set with this. Stay tuned!

4. These earrings. Easy has long been a bit of an obsession and while on my daily foray I stumbled upon this cute pair of earrings that can bat their eyelashes at you! You can find them over on Elisabeth's online shop ElisabethSpace - definitely worth a visit since she has great stuff!
5. This video. Because we're all freakin' supermodels!

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

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