Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Fav Five

1. Pu-Erh Tea. I've gone goo over this tea this past week. It boasts fat reduction, cholesterol lowering, energising qualities that only needs to be drunk twice a day. 
It all started with me looking for something for Mystery's slightly raised cholesterol level (hereditary) and I ended up buying 50€ worth of tea under 5 minutes flat. Ha, story of my life.
I found both the traditional, no flavours added type plus a lovely rose-petal enhanced one. 
Needless to say, I took a whiff of the traditional one which the Chinese culture says smells like earth after it rained, I will cautiously say it smells like Ancona's fish market on a bad day, and I chose the rose-petal one.
I have now prepared 2 bottles full of it and had a cup yesterday evening with Mystery. We both love it. I will report back with the effects. Whatever they might be.
I bought it here, they have the most amazing store in my little Italian Dolce Vita town and a wonderful English website. Check it out.

2. This white coat from Anteprima's FW collection in Marie Claire's August Runways Edition. I really want a light, soft, possibly white coat for the winter and this just ticks all of my boxes. You can see the entire show here.
3. My new Emanuela Caruso bejewelled sandals. Mystery gifted me a pair a couple of years ago and I fell head over literally heels with her work. Unfortunately, I am not an avid sandal wearing Miss Sinister so I tend to shy away from sandals. But upon seeing these magnificent little things the other day, all of my defences (to be read credit card self limitations) went down and they became mine. What can I say, some people like faux jewellery around their neck, I like mine on my feet. You can find more awesome models here. Feet ART!
4. Maroon 5's Songs About Jane album. For those of you little sinisters that might not know, I am the biggest Maroon 5 fan. I have been so from the very first moment I heard "This Love" over the radio little over 13 years ago. I have every album, posters, broken heart over Adam not being single anymore, concert-going wishes, etc. 
I think their first album is by far the best. It has that end of the 90's, 2000 just beginning feel that made everything around that period magical and mythical.
I started listening to their first album again, and more specifically, I've had "Secret" on repeat for the past few days. :) Well, I do have to live up to my sinisterness, right?
Just in case you wanted to listen to it.

5. A little app called Seven.
You can find it on iOS or Android and it gives you 7-minutes worth of crossfire with images and voices. It's simplicity totally won me over. I am not a big fan of crossfire and yet this little app makes me jump, squat, tricep dip, push up and lunge for 7-minutes everyday. 
*Warning, if you miss three days in a month you loose progress and have to start over. :))) Way to keep me coming back app developers.
Give it a try!

And here are my Friday Fav 5 

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

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