Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Fav Five

1. The new Dior Addict Lipstick. I went in Sephora the other week and literally tried on every shade available. (don't judge fellow sinisters, you know as well as I do you do the same). The new constituency definitely helps in light of the upcoming winter and other than that I couldn't really see a difference between my old Addicts and these new ones. But I did try a very lovely shimmery nude, 260-Bright, that might join my other Addicts.You can find it here.

2. Alberta Ferretti's Milan show. I snuck in some live streaming viewing time to, in between studying. I'm still anxious to see the Versace one this evening at 8 pm, but I have to say I've seen some really wonderful designs for Spring-Sumer 2016 thus far.
An undeniably my fav has been Alberta Ferretti. I adore this designer and her shows was absolutely breathtaking. I'd pretty much immediately wear everything off the runway.

3. These leather lace-ups. They are locally produced, simple and clean, really soft and not bad on my finances. Love'em! Find them over on Manas for 99€.

4. Squash galore! Fall is finally here and I get to cook, prepare and eat all things squash. It's by far my fav vegetable, such a happy color, deliciously packed with vitamin E,A and C, rich in fibres and magnesium, decently protein fit and low on the caloric intake. You can soup it, bake it, risotto it, mix it with everything and anything that comes to mind. There are a myriad of recipes on the blogosphere with it but tune in this weekend for my fav squash recipe. You won't be disappointed.

5. The mother of all recycling charts from I have to say I am trying my best to keep my Earth-polluting self from doing so more and more every year. This is also getting simpler thanks to the advent of ever so easily recyclable products and highly specialised recycling centres. Now goop just gave us a hand with a wonderfully put together chart that can stream your recycling to goopiness perfection. Please do give it a look.

Kiss and Peace
Off to study Miss Sinister

Friday, September 18, 2015

Eco-Friendly Purrfection - Interview with Alyssa from AlternativeFashion

As you know, I'm a big fan of green things. And by that I mean a self-grown vegetable patch, organic cosmetics, the Grinch and eco-friendly fashion. 
And I've just discovered a new fashion brand to obssess over! It's called Alternative Fashion and it's *gasp* manned entirely by *even bigger gasp* a young, smart, beautiful blonde, Alyssa. Girl power!
I'm totally in love with the two pairs of legging you see in the pics here above and the blue dress. Ah, eco-friendly perfection.

I obviously nagged her with my incessant chirping and she graciously agreed to do this interview with me!
So lets he what makes Alternative Fashion tick.

Why go eco-friendly?

When we wear eco-friendly design, we are altering and advancing our wardrobe. Not only are we creating a sustainable earth, we are supporting our bodies. We are only avoiding the inevitable if we can’t decide what type of clothing supports our lives.

Who are your clothes for?

For the free-spirited, confident woman whom values comfort, ease, and effortless style. My clothes are for every woman that wants to look beautiful and feel beautiful. 

Which is your favourite piece from this collection?

The rhythm top. It has these cool cutouts on the sides, and you can wear it with a sports bra or tank top, dress it up, or wear it with leggings. It’s fresh, current, and fun.

Where does your #inspo come from?

I get inspiration from daily life. For a designer fashion and style is life. I get inspired by friends and family, nature, design, architecture, nutrition, health, dance, music, animals, the ocean.

If you could dress one celebrity of your choice in Alternative Fashion, who would it be?

Bjork wore and still wears the Alexander McQueen label. McQueen is a late designer that I admire, whom dressed Bjork for her performances. She was a very cool ambassador of his work. I would love to see her wearing some of my own designs, and once I develop an avant-garde, couture, ready-to-wear collection.

What will we see in the future from Alternative Fashion? Any sneak peek previews?

Alternative Fashion is currently working on SS16. I’ll be launching this in a couple months from now, you’ll have to stay tuned!

Connect with Alternative Fashion via its Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram pages.

Credits for the images:
Photographer: Matthew Lomanno
Model: Charlotte Hulseman
Hair: Jeannine Cardinal & Tara Whitten
Mua: Kaleigh Bisson

I have to say I'll be adding those leggings to my wishlist.
What are your favs?

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

P.S. Double post today! Yay!

Friday Fav Five - on time!

It's Friday and I'm here to give my #FridayFav5. On time!

1. My new medicine ball. I bought a 3kg/6.6lb ball over the weekend. *insert gasp* I've never owned one and I remember I hated using one when I was in school. I have to say I went for the slighter heavier one (yeah, 2kg, I'm hinting at you) because the guy at the fitness centre said I should challenge myself which could be translated into "You have puny girl arms and should do something about it". So I am. I'm already going Pinterest crazy with medicine ball workouts. Check it out if you want some inspo!
You can find medicine balls on amazon, on either side of the pond.

2. This purrfect white turtleneck sweater. It's snow white, nice and chunky, overly expensive *wink* Santa *wink*, wool and perfectly easy to style with suede, 70s jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, boyfriends, pencil skirts, skimmed lattes and Saint Moritz. Take your pick. I'll be having all, please.
Find it on mytheresa.

3. These suede boots.
Dear Mister Rossi,
If ever you wish to just randomly gift a cooky blogger a pair of your suede, tanned, laced up brilliance, please keep me in mind.
Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

P.S. Should I enclose my forwarding details?

P.P.S. Little Sinisters, don't be fooled. These are what fall/winter is supposed to look like. Pair with anything or nothing at all. I am definitely saving up for these.

4. This swimming cap. Nothing says I'm taking my fitness serious like buying this cap and wearing it to my first swimming lesson back from the summer off. Only 5.95€ at Decathlon. You can find it on their website too. I'll post a silly pic as soon as I get one.

5. This beautiful dress by Unique Dresses. It even has a name that makes it pretty: Edenvale Tunic Dress. I have to say I just saw it on Topshop while casually visiting their website trying to not buy something and fell very much in love. I'm having a print year. You know, some people go grunge, or rock, or totally preppy. I'm print right now. I love this ethereal print and it's overall shape with the high dolcevita neckline and the long sleeves. Can definitely see myself wearing it with thigh high patent boots or the aforementioned brilliance of Mr. Rossi.

Kiss and Peace
Proud to be on time Miss Sinister

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Warm September OOTD

Hi little sinisters!
I had a super busy day tying up some loose ends for a trip I'll be taking shortly.
The weather was practically summer today, so I matched my new denim mini with a Zara light blue lamé top and my glitter sandals!
The little cobalt blue Coccinelle Celeste bag I've had for a few years completed the look!

Off to bed!
Kiss and Peace
Sleepy Miss Sinister

Monday, September 14, 2015

Friday Fav Five - late but good

1. Collistar's Top Coat + Art Pen.
Lets set things clear. I love getting a mani/pedi and schmoozing with my lovely beautician.
But. Sometimes I don't have time (to be read - when Mystery storms home and says we're going to dinner with X&Y at that fancy new restaurant and/or hey,we're going to Milan like right now). This means I have to do some of the things I'm utterly useless at. This beautiful set, bought on a whim so that I could qualify for 20% off on the perfume I was buying (please stop laughing/pointing your finger, you know you do the same exact thing!), has proven to be a little treasure.
Easy to use, cheap (14€), long-lasting. Convinced?
Find it over on douglas or pretty much any drugstore/beauty shop for around 15€/13$.

2. Sugar. This is almost as addictive as the real thing. Listen once, get stuck on repeat, spend the rest of the week singing "Sugar,how you get so fiend...Sugar...."

3. This coat over on Zara. It's handmade, 50%wool, easy on the budget, blackness perfection. Something for the long winter to look Dior.

4. Dolce by Dolce&Gabbana.
This is the description Sephora has on its US site for this fragrance:
"Dolce is a gentle, feminine mix of white flowers introduced by the freshness of neroli leaves and defined by the full-bodied scent of white amaryllis, a South African flower used for the first time ever in scent. The amaryllis is perfectly blended with a unique and opulent combination of white water lily and bold white daffodil creating a classic yet distinctly original floral fragrance."
I have to honestly say it's one of the best perfumes I've worn for a very long time. I'm a big Dolce&Gabbana perfumes fan because they're ultra feminine and they don't give me a headache (something I tend to suffer from when I wear perfume) so I've been perched up high clinging to Light Blue (in all its declinations) for years now and refused to come back down and smell...well...the Dolce roses. This is now my fav. Just love it. Make sure you try it on your skin before you decide to get it.

5. The Shoe book. Manolo Blahnik teamed up with photographer Michael Roberts and put out a magnificent coffee table book that any shoes aficionado must at least in part consider putting on full display this fall/winter season. I'm a big fan of Mr. Blahnik and this is soon going on my Xmas list!
Millenialy buyable on

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Let's talk September buys

Well, September is here and I am still wondering where the heck did the seasons go and hide. 
I remember a time when the weather was clockwork and you could coordinate your wardrobe down to the minute as to what should be washed and packed up for next summer or fall or winter and what in turn should take its place. 

I was thinking back at when fall was all about falling leaves and crunchy crispy air. Walking around in bare legs and loose scarves dropped around your neck. When fall meant you wanted to find a place inside a restaurant rather than outside and when parks became my favourite place on the planet. Ah. parks.

I'm also adamant about buying a few things in September every year. It's usually active wear, fresh flowers and next year's planner.

I just bought these wonderful UnderArmour leggings on sale. I own a large number of various brands of leggings, yet September sales get me every year and I end buying a new pair. I have to say I love the grey and lightness of this pair and after trying them, I am very pleased with their tight fit, non-sheer material, high waist and overall comfortable feel. They'll be perfect for all the down dogs to come this winter.

Fresh flowers are my fav thing in the world. I have this awesome Italian friend that own a flower shop that lures me into his flower den each and every time I pass it. Today was one of those days and now I'm writing this blog post with the subtle scent of freesia wafting through the air. 

Moleskine has been my faithful companion for some years now and I always buy a brand new planner in September. I guess it's a remnant of my university years.

I stocked up on makeup as well this year. I bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette and the Mac 217 brush largely based on the excellent reviews I've seen on Youtube. I've been really happy with them so far and I'm thinking of posting my own *gasp* review video. Stay tuned.

Finally, I picked up a handmade soap in Orvieto last week on a food trip with Mystery. *food trip=we drove 200 km/125 miles for pasta&prosciutto*. Orvieto is a breathtakingly beautiful little Italian city in between Rome and Florence that should definitely be on your to-visit list if you're coming to Italy. I found a soap shop (is this how you call them?) and bought a jenny milk soap (jenny=female donkey). It smells terrific and I can't wait to try it. It was also a bargain for a little under 4€. The shop's name is L'Orvietan, it has a 400 year history and it also made me chuckle because I thought L'Orvietan - L'Occitane. Weird right?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Fav Five

Brand new #FashionFav5 post. Get it while it's hot!

1. This pinafore dress. Polyvore casually sent me a list of pinafore dresses I might be interested in following my Fall/Winter Essentials: the Denim Overall post. This Asos jersey midi pinafore dress looks wonderful. I can definitely see it with my Stan Smiths or with a pair of black stilettos and a Metallica T-shirt (one that used to belong to my aunt). You can find it here for 55.30€ which makes it all the more interesting. I would be curious to see how it looks on somebody a bit curvier that the modelly girl on the Asos website so if anybody has already bought and worn it, please leave a comment with your blog post or something.

2. Urban Decay Naked Basics 2.
I don't know about you but I am avid make-up products consumer despite being totally useless at it. I get a kick out of owning all of these wonderful palettes that make my inexpert make-up skills a bit better. So I bought my first Urban Decay palette the other day at Sephora for 27.90€ and I have to say I'm pretty satisfied. I've used it twice and although it doesn't have outlandish colors or glittery ones either, it's perfect for those work days when you want to look like you don't have any make-up on but you actually do.
Here are some nice Youtube reviews/tutorials about it: Glitteralittle, Sona Gasparian(she does a smokey eye that is to die for)

3. This suede dress from Asos(again). Out of the 20 or so I've seen online lately, this looks ah-mazing. You can find it on the Asos website for almost 118€ which isn't that bad but definitely an investment.

4. These Lemaré loafers. I have a secret shop I go to every spring and autumn and load up on great, locally produced (oh the joy of living in Shoes-land) shoes. Current obsession? These loafers in jet black corrected grain leather (I had to google that - it's the patenty look of shoes when it's not patent but leather). These shoes come from near where I live and I want them big time. I can already picture a million OOTDs.You can take a look at their collection and tell me what you think.

 5. Tina Turner. Proud Mary by Tina Turner live in 2009 when the singer was 70. Seventy. A seven followed by a zero. I wanna grow up and be just like her.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fall/Winter Essentials: The Denim Overall

Fall/Winter Essentials: The Denim Overall

You know the summer in over when your job comes knocking at the door.

I'm taking going back to work in a stride because I've been fantasising about a few Fall/Winter items I feel (to be read: I don't need but will somehow end up purchasing nonetheless) I should add to my wardrobe.

One of them is a denim overall. Or pinafore. Or romper. I get lost in all the names.

So here you go. One denim marvel. Two styles. Follow the link back to Polyvore if you want to find out the prices and websites I took these from.

Kiss and Peace

Miss Sinister