Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Let's talk September buys

Well, September is here and I am still wondering where the heck did the seasons go and hide. 
I remember a time when the weather was clockwork and you could coordinate your wardrobe down to the minute as to what should be washed and packed up for next summer or fall or winter and what in turn should take its place. 

I was thinking back at when fall was all about falling leaves and crunchy crispy air. Walking around in bare legs and loose scarves dropped around your neck. When fall meant you wanted to find a place inside a restaurant rather than outside and when parks became my favourite place on the planet. Ah. parks.

I'm also adamant about buying a few things in September every year. It's usually active wear, fresh flowers and next year's planner.

I just bought these wonderful UnderArmour leggings on sale. I own a large number of various brands of leggings, yet September sales get me every year and I end buying a new pair. I have to say I love the grey and lightness of this pair and after trying them, I am very pleased with their tight fit, non-sheer material, high waist and overall comfortable feel. They'll be perfect for all the down dogs to come this winter.

Fresh flowers are my fav thing in the world. I have this awesome Italian friend that own a flower shop that lures me into his flower den each and every time I pass it. Today was one of those days and now I'm writing this blog post with the subtle scent of freesia wafting through the air. 

Moleskine has been my faithful companion for some years now and I always buy a brand new planner in September. I guess it's a remnant of my university years.

I stocked up on makeup as well this year. I bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette and the Mac 217 brush largely based on the excellent reviews I've seen on Youtube. I've been really happy with them so far and I'm thinking of posting my own *gasp* review video. Stay tuned.

Finally, I picked up a handmade soap in Orvieto last week on a food trip with Mystery. *food trip=we drove 200 km/125 miles for pasta&prosciutto*. Orvieto is a breathtakingly beautiful little Italian city in between Rome and Florence that should definitely be on your to-visit list if you're coming to Italy. I found a soap shop (is this how you call them?) and bought a jenny milk soap (jenny=female donkey). It smells terrific and I can't wait to try it. It was also a bargain for a little under 4€. The shop's name is L'Orvietan, it has a 400 year history and it also made me chuckle because I thought L'Orvietan - L'Occitane. Weird right?

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