Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Fav Five

1. Sea buckthorn. It's a strange, bright orange, miniature grapes looking plant that helped me get rid of my skin troubles early this year. My mom used to force me to have a spoonful of these berries with honey every morning while I was growing up and man, did I hate them. Now, they're my go to multivitamin concoction every spring and fall. They boost antioxidant properties, they help digestion and ward off the flu, but there biggest pro is that they're Skin Superfruits. Definitely worth any beauty bloggers attention.
Best use: buy about 500g/15 ounces, clean them (they have tiny stems), fill a large mason jar or two normal sized mason jar with a combo of 50% sea buckthorn - 50% honey. Take one table spoon on an empty stomach in the morning for at least 1 month. Enjoy the awesome benefits

2.  This Brow Set. I was gifted an Oriflame brow set by my mom's old friend while in Romania. Just after I bought one before going on that trip. Doesn't that happen to you? Anyway, I tried it while in Romania and I have to say I like it very much. It's got two little brushes in a sleek little drawer under the 2 shadows and 1 wax. Simple, traveling friendly, sufficient. And not bad on the budget for about 10€. Sorry for my US and Italian readers, but Oriflame is not available in those countries yet. UK readers, rejoice, you can find it on their website.

3. This beautiful Lip Crayon. I'm currently obsessed with Nars's crayon, but saw this Ilia crayon on the latest goop newsletter. It looks just as good with the added bonus of being organic and free of a lot of chemicals which are commonly found in all those beauty products we adore. You can find it on The Beautyaholic's Shop for Italy or on their online shop for US. It's in the same price range, a little over 20€ and I have to say I'm tempted to order myself on in this delicious berrylicious color.

4. Adidas All Stars. When was in high school I used to own a couple of pairs, one a pristine white and the other a perfectly complimentary black and white stripes. I wore them with everything from my school uniform to jeans skirts and flared jeans(yes, they were fashionable when I went to school). Suffice it to say that I was not considered hipster or well-dressed or even sound of mind. That was long before bloggers were a thing and being original was cool. No bright pink hair or long siren blue hair in my day ladies. No. You wanted to be Christina Aguilera or Beyonce. Sexy. Perfect.
Hence my (now they call it) fashion forwardness was laughable. they say. Better early than late. Or is it the other way round? :)

5. Dior Addict Fluid Shadow "Univers". Sephora got me again. Somehow, I manage to plan all of my hard earned money about 2 weeks before I actually get it. Or have earned it. This eyeshadow has me waking up in a sweat at night for how much I love it. I've now swatched it about 4 times, glaring at the price. 31€ for something I'll probably use once a month. Hm. It is absolutely dreamy, this Universe color is gorgeous and it also last for quite a while. At least on the back of my hand it did.
And because Sephora always drives its victories home, they've sent me a text message yesterday saying I have 20% this month. There goes some more of that hard earned money.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

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