Thursday, October 1, 2015

I completely fell in love with a stranger

As a hopeless romantic and a wild skeptic du jour, I jumped at this book. What a title.
"Never love a stranger". Really? This is a direct call to all us girls out there that specifically pinpoint emotionally unavailable bad boys with a genetical aversion to commitment and become completely obsessed with them.
Does this ring any bells, ladies?

If you're anything like me (to be read: I've had my fair share of bad boys obsessions), you will love this book. And you'll feel for Ruth.

But this book is so much more. It's raw, sad and real. And I felt angry while I read it. I felt like I understood Francis completely. He's me and you and every other millennial out there that has been forced to become an adult in the middle of this crazy financial crisis.
It didn't make us any less than what we would have been, but it sure made us something we wouldn't have been.
It's all of us getting tough, cold and vicious. We're all a bit Frank Kane.

Frankie is an intelligent, calculated, sensitive main character. I wanted to hug him as a child. I wanted to slap him when he gave up his money. I wanted to tell him he is a better human than (more or less) half of the 7 billion individuals with whom I share this planet when he befriended and stuck through thick and thin with Gerro. I wanted to kick his butt every time he had a girl. I wanted to congratulate him for his illegal empire (Empire's Lucius style kinda congratulations) and then smack him across the head because at the end of the day it was illegal.

It's Harold Robbins first book.
This book is (in)famously famous for being the result of a 100$ bet way back in the 40s. I don't know if that's true, but I sure wish it is since it would only add to the air of palpable rawness of this book.

I grew up devouring books and somehow Harold Robbins remained an unread name to me. I knew he was famous. I knew about the gossip around his life. I knew he was in the top 5 best-selling authors of all time. I knew he wrote about sex and brutality. I knew he wrote dozens of books and that they became movies in no time.
I hadn't read one single book of his.

Then I stumbled upon Never Love a Stranger on kindle unlimited.
I couldn't put it down. And neither will you.
It stuck with me. And it will do so with you too.

Kiss and Peace
Eternally in Love with Frankie Miss Sinister

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