Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm back

Hey little sinisters!

As you know by now, I've been out of Italy. More accurately, in Romania. Bucharest to be precise.
I was there for family business so I don't have any glam pics to show you guys. The weather was also nice but moody so the pic above pretty much summaries my attire for the whole 6 days spent there.
I also skipped on #FridayFav5 because I was just so brutally busy with family and studying that it just didn't happen. This means I'll make the next one super awesome and worth it.

What can I tell you about my short trip?
I ate some more Romanian food (to be read: a whole lot of Romanian food), saw my bestie, saw a bunch of old high school friends of my mom's, realised my mom is the only one whose child has yet to marry and procreate, witnessed first hand some sort of weird demographic boom going on in Romania, got pissed off at the supermarket with people using weird words I don't understand, and finally bought the most awesome hair mask I've ever tried(will come back to this in a later post).

I have to say being in Romania also brought back memories of what real autumn looks like. Don't be deceived, in Italy autumn is the freak child of summer and winter and there are no falling leaves, no cool sunny days, no breeze, no wearing skirts and chunky sweaters and socks and lace-ups. NO. Italy is all about crazy hot days or foggy-windy-rainy days. 
(insert me looking all angry)

Or at least where I now live it's like that. But I was in Genova last weekend and it was like that. And I lived in Rome and it was like that. And I go to Milan for school every week and it's like that. So unless they do it on purpose to bug me or I have a perennially hovering rain cloud on top of my head, I guess this is just how weather is here at this time of the year.

Will come back later in the week with *gasp* a video review. A very dorky one by the way. I am almost sure my nerve will be lost and I will not post it. 

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

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  1. That's strange that Italy has such a different fall season, you'd think that at least some aspects would be similar to other places near it, and with similar longitude or whatever. But it's nice that you got a regular fall, at least for a few days!

    Welcome back!