Friday, October 17, 2014

New obsession

Sorry for being MIA for quite some time. Among books for my DELTA, lesson plans for my job, vacationing, cooking, shopping, pilatesing and other such -ing activities I had completely forgot about writing.
Quick update. Went to Copenhagen by car. Very fun, very chic, very Bonnie and Clyde. On our way, me and my Mystery stopped in Berlin (terribly wonderful), Leipzig (it reminded me of home), Hamburg (we almost didn't come back) and finally on the way back Munich (officially the Naples of Germany in my book).
Copenhagen. Beautiful, different, more expensive than a year-long stay at the Four Seasons, a culinary alien city, fashion forward on pretty much everything. But, at the end of the day, a tad bit blah for a city girl like me that needs dazzling lights and crazy traffic and endless rows of cheap and savoury ethnic restaurants. I got bike rides, organic muffins, a heck of a lot of wind and food that could sit in the palm of your hand passed around as actual dinner.
By the time we got back to Germany, I was experiencing a muffled ding in my ears from all that crazy wind.
As you can imagine, Germany was all about pretzels and beer and butter fried meat. Delicious.
Anyway, we got back in early September and I have been keeping myself occupied with my DELTA studying. Very occupied that is.
Yesterday, after practically blinding myself through reading I decided to take a streamlined look at the Apple conference that tech people have been dying to see. At the same time I was watching Marshall get wasted and ruin a wedding on "How I met you mother". Very funny.
Although most of the stuff they presented (the iPad and the new iMac plus some software stuff I wasn't properly listening to) was kinda long and boring for someone like me(an user rather than a connoisseur), the new iWatch got me freaking excited! I want one! I want one so bad, I might just buy two so that i can wear it on both arms. :)))
Now that is a sleek looking, technologically advanced, fashion sensitive piece of fruit logoed equipment!!! And I want one. And Tim didn't even have to convince me. You just have to look at the picture and you will feel an instant capitalistic, irresponsible, childish almost desire to possess it.
Who cares if their new iPad is as thin as HALF a pencil? Who cares if the pictures on you new iMac with retina display are better than the actual people and surroundings in them?
I want an iWatch! The why I shall consider after having purchased it!

Kiss and Peace
iMiss Sinister