Monday, November 10, 2014

Took a walk on the wild side

Crazy day yesterday! 2 dozen lions, more elephants than one can imagine, gazelles, zembras, wildabeast, buffaloes and pretty much the entire bird section of the encyclopedia made for some awesome photos!
All of that pilates really turned out to be useful since the road is the equivalent of the Grand Canyon in the Serengeti. Rock on Cassey Ho!
Another great surprise was the camp where we are staying. Set atop a hill we have a breathtaking view that is presided by a large group of wildabeast while behind us are some zebras, some more wildabeast and one solitary gazelle. Mystery took great joy in scaring the last half to death this morning when he stepped out of our tent wearing a bright blue jacket! Way to blend in,huh?!
The food here has been amazing and I think the camp owners might have secretly abducted Gordon Ramsey and are helding him hostage. The food has been that good!
Today they promised pasta. Maybe they also have Moreno Cedroni in there.
Today I had a very interesting chat about hippies.
Tomorrow I'm going to teach the camp staff some pilates. 

Kiss and Peace
Excited Miss Sinister

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