Monday, April 13, 2015

April Love&Hate List

Love: Lenny & NYC

Although this is by far not a new song, I just bought "Strut" yesterday while going to work. I saw him performing this amazing song on my other famous person in the world, Letterman and nearly fell to pieces. Because, ladies and gents, if there is something I love more than New York, that's Lenny.
Put those two together, ass-huggin' leather pants, an "Oh Lord" every now and again, a smoking' description of NYC and you get one purrfect situation.
Lenny Kravitz's "New York City" is on repeat for the next month or so. Check out the vid.

Hate: Delia's so-called Delicate Eye Makeup Remover

I bought this evil concoction on the word of a friend. "It's wonderful! Organic, it smells great, it's not very expensive and it's a big bottle!". (insert growl) I simply hate it. I bought it just after New Year's after a failed love affair with a Clinique one. And I was hopeful. And it does smell really nice.
BUT it doesn't work, you need to practically erase your eye completely in order to get rid of your makeup. And once you've orbitally assaulted yourself, you get the wonderful side. It magically makes your eyelids stick to your arch, sitting like two rolled up yoga mats. Wonderful. A complete waste of my money and patience so I thought I'd share. Don't make the same mistake.

Love: Check out this Checkerboard combo

I love Zara. I really do. One of the reasons is that I can buy a pair of checkered shorts with a matching crop top like this, spend under 100 € and then continue fantasising about the 400 € shoes I want to match this outfit with. Ah, the delights of shopping wisely.

Double Love: Pink in your face

Pink has been, is and will be a very cool cat. Beside being a talented artist she also possesses a brain, a thing one should appreciate proportionally to the number of brain-possessing artist that are out there.
She spoke out in defence of her dress that made her look like (insert Dracula inspired leading-up-to type of music) a woman!!!! She looks just fine to me, so does her wonderful dress, her kid and her participating to a cancer freakin' benefit, not to the MET gala.
Way to go girl!

Double Hate: Exam Prep

I am in the final leg of my Delta race which means I now have to revision, prep and mainly due all of the boring studying part that I have always loathed.
My day is filled with reading, testing, reviewing and memory games with Delta content. Yay. 
I will put up a counter. My exam is on the 3rd June aka D Day. 
(mental post - find a timer add on for the blog)

Love Love Love: Hillary is going back for seconds

Dear all, I care not about the political color of this woman. She could be a half Martian, one quarter Mongolian, one quarter Somalian for all that I cared.
She is AWESOME! She is what I wanted to be growing up (and abandoned due to lack of big, fat, Harvard graduating, husband kicking, Obama opposing balls). And she's going back for seconds!
You have to appreciate her determination, her will, her catchy slogan and above all, her freakin' game.
Can't wait to see how this goes down.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

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