Thursday, April 23, 2015

An outfit under 50 € - you need to see and read this story

In light of my efforts to cut down on my spending, I have been secretly hunting for bargains. But I'm a picky shopper. I like quality, I like great fabrics and I live for high fashion, all of which never come at a reasonable price. My credit card can vouch for that.
So to my total surprise, my mom came over for a only-girls lunch, a trip to the dentist and to kick some fashion sense into me. Not in that order precisely but you get my point.

Last week, she accepted my challenge (Barney Stinson style) to buy a total outfit for under 50€. 
I said it was impossible, she said it wasn't. That and a bunch of other words that summed up meant I was spoiled. We laughed and I thought that would be the end of it. But low and behold, and again total Barney Stinson style, she comes for our girls lunch clad with her shopping foray meant to shame my monthly expenditure on clothes for all eternity.

She got me three adorable, chic, truly fashionable yet ridiculously cheap pieces that make for one cool outfit.

Yellow cotton sweater - Zara (a sample sale) 12,90 €
Geometric print pencil skirt - Zara 14,90 € (from the freakin' shop)
Pink camouflage clutch - Carpisa 19,90 €

Grand total = 47,70 €
Total shock.
I did throw in my white H&M T-shirt and a pair of never-worn Miu Miu nude patent plateaux sandals but who doesn't have a white T-shirt and some nude shoes?
I am beyond proud of my mom.
What do you think?

I'm thinking of hiring her as a personal shopper. She would undeniably give my credit card some deeply needed rest. :)

One more pic of me and the little monster who was happily assisting me with the photo taking.

Kiss and Peace
Owned Miss Sinister

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