Sunday, April 19, 2015

I kickstarted my morning - so should you

Gooooood morning!
Woke up to a wonderfully sunny day after the most bewildering dream.
I'm a rare dreamer so when it does happen it pretty much freaks me out. I spent about 30 minutes on dream interpretation websites (with no luck) and kind of remembered seeing an instagram about a stickable camera the size of an 80s earring.
I could remember the name of course so I had to hunt through my previous days' internet forays until I finally found it!

Even the name is adorable!

It's a stick and shoot little camera that acts as a second camera for your iPhone, or as a selfie stick minus the stick, or even as a "somebody is taking my photo, it's not a selfie" kinda thing.
8 MP, LED flash, smart, colorful, light. Green Vogue and Glam all the way. I want one!!!!
It's over on Kickstarter and I just pledged myself a Podo for August! Just in time for my bday.
Super happy.

Take a look and see for yourself. You might want one immediately!

Kiss and Peace
Podofied Miss Sinister

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