Friday, April 24, 2015

Have you seen Prada's videos?

Have you seen Prada's new videos?
Take a look at "The Postman Dreams"

My fav is The Laundromat.
A beautiful yet not so refreshingly not young woman does her laundry.
Her laundry consists of the grass green jumpsuit she has on, which she so elegantly slips off, throws into the washing machine, shakes her booty, slips a different not-less-fashionable dress on,gets served a cup of coffee by a passer-by postman, dances with the latter, tumble dries her jumpsuit, the postman tip taps, she gets dressed and leaves.
Ah...the magical world of wunderkind Autumn de Wilde.

Some considerations after seeing it (10 times or so)
1. The song is so stuck in my head I'm afraid I might start singing it at work, to my boyfriend, randomly on the street...
2. I want...NO. I NEED that green jumpsuit. And NO, I haven't spent all morning looking for it online. But just in case you find it. Let me know asap. Not later, as soon as possible. Really.
3. I need to find one of those postmen. He might casually come by with a cup of matcha when I'm doing the laundry. That would be handy.
4. Who is that woman in this video and why isn't she the face of Prada's ad campaign???

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister Dreams of the Postman

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