Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Ambition - The Checkerboard Cake

With Easter just round the corner here in Italy, I started thinking about food. More precisely, dessert.
My grandma was a pastry chef so every Christmas and Easter was like a sugar bomb exploded in my house. We had elegant eclairs, homemade cookies and biscuits with every possible filling and sprinkling (hello caramel-chocolate cream!), Romanian cozonac filled with nuts, cocoa, turkish delight and raisins (and I kid you not, it had all of this things in it) and finally, the holy grail of my grandma's desserts - the cake.
Ah. I could tell you stories about those cakes that would make you instantly abandon yoga, pilates and healthy eating for a lifelong of ganache, sponge cake and buttercream.
But I won't.
I will tell you that this year I'm going to make a Rainbow Checkerboard Cake like Elise from My Cupcake Addiction to take to my boyfriend's family traditional Easter lunch. No pressure there, right?
Well, since I thought that just the cake alone didn't make for a very complicated task (beware of heavy irony), I want to make it gluten-free, lactose-free and still delicious as hell!
There you go, I just Barney Stinson-ed myself, so I am accepting the challenge!!!!

The video makes it look pretty simple, and I consider myself a rather successful cook, albeit some mishaps here and there.
Take a look for yourselves.

So what do you think?
Can I make it?

Kiss and Peace
Puzzled Miss Sinister

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