Monday, March 23, 2015

Cosmoprof Bologna - the day after

I am exhausted, yet totally excited to show you what I got and what I bought at Cosmoprof Bologna!
For this of you who have no idea what that is, have a look here.

First of all I want to thank all the wonderful, excited, exciting people I met yesterday! You rock! 
I had an amazing time running around from stand to stand, meeting amazing people, getting cream up to my elbows, sniffing and testing, photographing and laughing. I don't know if it was just me, but I thought everybody was super-friendly despite having been there since Friday and having seen and spoken to thousand of people.

Well, after about 8 hours of walking around, snapping as many pics as I could (never enough I assure you) this is what I got or I bought:

This is all stuff I really wanted and I will be testing in the following weeks.

I've bought an awesome body foam from Greenland Bodycare that I can't wait to try,  had my hand peeled and buttered by Premier Dead Sea (thanks Eli, it was sheer magic), got a lesson on micro-particles technology from Invex Remedies (and a whole lot of stuff to test out - I actually just started taking their dietary supplement Silor+B - I'll let you know how it goes), got more soap than I could carry from Florinda, and Alighiero Campostrini and two wonderful people that make Savon D'Alep.
I also literally fell in love with a sweet natured man called Danilo from Kroll Cosmetics who comes from Venice and is very proud of that (I'm going to go visit asap).
I reminisced about my very short trip to Naples with Kost Make-up, an Italian Naples based brand of low cost make-up products with excellent Italian review (I'm going to try them this week and let you know). There are some more that I haven't yet said anything about but I will come back with a second post about Cosmoprof this week. 

I was practically in tears by the end of the day because of all the stuff I was carrying around and abruptly decided that next year I'm bringing a suitcase just like all the smart people that brought one this year. 
I will be slowly reviewing all of these things and many more I haven't yet mentioned.
I'm taking pictures of everything and coming back!

Kiss and Peace
Tired Miss Sinister

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