Saturday, March 7, 2015

No screwing around, please!

Shopping has been very unnappealing to me lately. I will admit the fact that being virtually broke has seriously dented my fashion addiction, but I'm missing desire here,guys.
I have not yearned for a jacket, dreamt of a shoe or tried out just for the fun of it any dresses since I saw Versace for H&M.
And ha!, no, it's not Donatella's fault for my recent fashion-challenged self. Her clothes weren't that bad.
It's just that every shop I go into has a lot of dull clothes, colorless, many shapeless (and don't give me the whole "they're supposed to be that way"), a lot too expensive for their quality, and basically almost all the same. It's weird.

I got all googley eyed when I saw Chiara Ferragni's shoes only to remember (insert forehead slap noise here) that I already own a pair of glitter shoes. They're called Miu Miu baby mary-janes (I have to take a pic and put it up here) and I'm already completely in love with them, hence the dying need to own a pair of Ferragni's shoes disappeared. Something along the lines of my perfect black pencil skirt when I broke up with an ex that had some of my clothes at his place... Ever been there?

Well, anyway, I've been out soul shopping (aka scouting things I'll buy just as soon as I can afford them) and I haven't awed and ooed once. Maybe a dress (but I have known of it for about a month so it doesn't count) and some shoes (old flame, died early because they didn't have my size, but I still visit them).
I don't know if it's just me. Labels and brands (not high fashion, top labels, we're talking about normal, average, mall-friendly labels) seem to have but just one designer which they happily share and pass around in a twisted fashion orgy, giving birth to the same ugly offsprings.
You see, when it comes to fashion, I'm conservative. No screwing around, please!

Kiss and Peace
Bored out of her wits Miss Sinister

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