Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring showed up - Beauty Products Review

It's all about the flowers

It's all about the flowers by greenvogueglam

Finally woke up to a sunny, wonderful, Italian morning. 
Apparently spring has decided to show up.
I sun saluted, had breakfast, went for a run and had a shower.

I've always been secretly obsessed with body products in general and soap in particular.
I'm always on the look for new scented, magical, potentially organic and handmade soaps.
I have a friend of mine here in Italy that makes them for herself and occasionally drops me some (thanks Georgia), but I generally buy them.

The two soaps above, the Florida quartet and the Alighiero Campostrini fan are two finds from the Cosmoprof (never-ending) experience. 
These are both Italian brands with a similar take on producing soap. That is handmade, olive oil enhanced, naturally scented, awesomely packaged type of soap. I've been using both (the Strawberry one from Florida and the Rose&Neroli one from Alighieri Campostrini) for a about a week now and I have to say I love them!!! They don't over-dry, they leave a light scent on my skin (that usually gets killed by my creams and lotions but hey, that's life)
I'm also thinking of using their packaging for some sort of collage but I will have to come back with that later.

Their prices are really good (around 5$/6€) and they can be found on 
Try them and let me know. 

Another thing I wanted to tell you about is this body foam that I bought from Greenland Bodycare (yes, I know, the name made me stop and awww).
It isn't a butter or a lotion or whatever other concoction we girls love to spend our money on. 
This is a foam. Imagine a can of whipped cream. Squeeze it. You get a airy, fluffy mass of delicious whip cream.

Look at this.

This is the body foam I bought.
It's Papaya&Lemon, smells fantastic (and lasts forever), has a shimmery glittery something to it that I adore (damn you Cavalli for not producing shimmery glittery body creams anymore), is generously sized (200 ml and you don't need to use a lot of it), doesn't make me feel sticky or buttery but still gives me velvety skin.
I paid 14 €....buuuuuut I've just noticed it's not yet on sale on their ships-worldwide website.

It's a new product and will probably be available sometime soon so I definitely recommend it for the summer since it's so non-sticky, scented and overall awesome.

If you find it online before I do drop me a line so that I can post it up here.

I also bought their hand cream and gave it to my mom and she says it's really nice too. It's the one in the picture at the top.

By the way, I've just become completely Polyvore obsessed. It feels like college all over again with hours and hours of collage making on Polyvore. 
Warning: I will be badgering you with these for at least a few weeks until I go into regression. 

Kiss and Peace
Polyvorey Miss Sinister

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