Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday fun day - DIY polka dots potted plants

I am a very crafty person. This being said, this skill of mine is sometimes responsible for small little work of arts (this is usually when I'm working with kids in my classes) and sometimes (to be read many times) responsible for epic fails.
I woke up this morning feeling particularly crafty and had been thinking about repotting some geraniums for quite some time now but hadn't really gotten around to doing it because of...well, everything.
And this is what happened.

And this is how I did it.

I didn't have any round spongey brushes so I ended up cutting a kitchen sponge into two round shapes, one smaller, one bigger. I used a normal kitchen sponge. It took no time and felt very green! 

I used permanent acrylic red paint that I bought at the supermarket for an Arts&Crafts class for kids, it came in a tiny little bottle (no more than 150 ml/ 5 ounces). I put it on a porcelain coffee plate, went outside to my clean, unsuspecting pots and polka dotted them!

It took literally 15 minutes. It was an awesome sunny spring day  and my sinister little self became completely engulfed in my little project. This felt better than my morning yoga practice and I don't say this about a a lot of things.

This is half through.

And this is the result. (drum rolls!)

Tada! I am utterly involve with how this little project of mine came out and can't wait to decorate some more pots next weekend. Let me know how polka dotting your pots went and what flowers you decided to put in them!

Kiss and Peace
A Crafty Miss Sinister

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