Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Exam & The Expo

It's over!
My big exam, my one-year long study plan, the thing that kept me away from blogging, Mystery and the little monster is over!
I am beyond excited for this summer and all the things I want to do.
The exam went well, could have done better but the time was just too short.

But...I mixed business and pleasure and went to the Expo Milan while I was there.
I have to say it is an impressive place and worth a visit if you will be in Italy in the next few months. It will be in place until the end of October and I strongly recommend it.
I saw a considerable number of pavilions and am going back with my mom in October and still felt I could have seen more. :P
The Thailand pavilion is by far the most organised/impressive one, the UAE pavilion was disorganised (hello, 45 minutes in the sun) but totally worth it, the French pavilion was a very creative, artistically inspiring one. Azerbaijan was absolutely beautiful, USA dissapointing (:((), Japan had the longest line, the Russian one had a delicious bar, the Italian pavilion didn't come through how I believe the organising country should have. It was dull.

Here are some photos. I'll post soon with some Milan photos as well.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister


  1. very nice place...
    And moreover you become beautiful frame in that place. :))

  2. Very nice place and nice pics!!Kisses from Menorca!!