Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 6 #TheGreatRomanianAdventure

Day 6

I crawled around today, since for no apparent reason I couldn't sleep last night. Maybe pre-party jitters.
Woke up not at all bright but very early and set out to get the cake. And a big cup of blacker than black tea. 
I've been thinking if I should say anything about this topic since arriving but I guess it's my blog and I'll write if I want to...write if I want to...🎶
Subway. People on the subway. Every single individual under the age of 45, with frequent exceptions over, are on their phone. Constantly. I haven't lived in a big city in the past couple of years but I am not sure it was this serious in Rome and I've just come back from spending some days in Milan and I know for a fact it wasn't this serious there. This is wild. I managed to count 36 people on their phones out of 39 available seats. And I'm counting at a traffic low. I'm actually truly enjoying this wild thing by eyeballing everybody with adequate calm since I know they won't even notice. A social experiment would be an interesting thing to do in such conditions. What could possibly happen if you'd black out their signal? Would they implode, explode or go berserk? 
I know, I'm being terribly mean.

Coming back to Day 6, it has been spent eating a lot (this is a clear and coward understatement) of Romanian cuisine, sufficient in fact to satisfy my year long saturated fats, fried and sugary foods intake for the rest of 2015. And I didn't taste everything. I took no photos since they would have just showed my disturbed appetite on Romanian soil.
But I had an awesome time with my grandma and grandpa, took some wonderful pics to put up on walls, had two pieces of cake and reminisced.

And now I'm just coming back from seeing my friend Bianca, having a final organic lemonade (ah, doesn't that sound nice? So they can serve organic lemonade but can't be bothered with matcha tea? Hmpf) and kissing and hugging her good bye for another few months or maybe less if she takes me up on my offer to come visit me.

Tomorrow will be the last day on #TheGreatRomanianAdventure and I have to say it has been a wonderful yet particular experience as always. 
I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Kiss and Peace 
Miss Sinister 

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