Monday, June 15, 2015

Raw hems outfit

How do you feel about hems?
I thought they were a consistent part of wearing clothes, but fashion proved me wrong yet again. Apparently wearing raw hems is a must and although I can visualise my grandma's jaw dropping if she would see me wearing a pair of jeans with drooping threads, I have to say I like it. I'm enjoying this new (and only apparent) freedom to rock raw hemmed jeans and T-shirts and shirts and whatnots.

I was by all means intending to buy my own pair of overly expensive unfinished jeans to terrorise my tailor with, but I got very defensive when faced with very finished prices that would leave me a little raw.
So I dug through my pile of unworn jeans, found the perfect skinnies that had been left unworn because of their length and chopped them. This happened about 4 months ago and today, my raw jeans got a little companion. I had my Mystery's white cotton shirt hanging in my closet for the past year with no idea of how to wear it. It got chopped today and turned into a wonderfully rebel little garment that I will now wear much more often.

Here's my outfit of the day!

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister


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  2. Simple and perfect! Very nice look! Kisses from Menorca!!