Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 2 #TheGreatRomanianAdventure

Day 2

I have to say I've rarely loathed people's attitudes more than I do here in the beautiful land of Romania. They live in a breathtakingly beautiful country, with marvelous traditions worthy of worldwide envy, with a land as fertile as the volcanic Serengeti, yet they systematically and without faltering wallow in despair.
They despise the government's corrupt ways yet it is impossible to even get a cab in Bucharest without first agreeing on the price and later leaving a tip on top. The fault for this charming nation's current state is either the Americans' (ahem?!?) or the Russians' (insert me with an even more raised eyebrow) or a conbination of the two give or take an Angela Merkel. 
The language has been butchered with neo-modernistic aberrations spoken with a pseudo-cool calm that results in an eternally annoying attitude. The "I'm too cool for you" kind of attitude. 
I have no idea where and when it started but I've noticed it's getting worse and worse every time I come here. I assume it will grow and grow and grow until someone's head will explode and maybe that will put a stop to it. Can you imagine hearing about that on the news CNN style?
"Now moving onto Eastern Europe we bring you the shoking story of an overly full of himself Romanian citizen whose most upward extremity caved today and exploded leaving the man standing there headless wondering what had happened. George, over to you for the details of the event."
(Insert a sinisterly laughing alone on the subway little old me)
The point is however much I try to get it, I don't. I know my unromanianness(yay! I invented a word) is responsible for me speaking proper Romanian, saying hello and thank you, merrily enjoy this country and the 1001 wonderful things, respect people despite their aforementioned foul attitude and most of all, still think there is a chance for it to raise out from within this terrible negativity.

I just went vegetable shopping in a local farmers' market that I used to go to all the time during uni and I have to say I much appreciated being around real people that really like what they do, smile back and use proper Romanian.
This too is becoming as rare as finding a rough diamond smack in the middle of NYC, Boston, London, Tokyo etc. Get it? 
You need the freakin' right attitude in life.
This helps make everything better or at  least bearable.
I need some bearable right now.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

P.S. Bear with me. Tomorrow is another day.

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