Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dinner Oufit - my new self-drawn pantsuit

I just spent two wonderful days with my family by the sea.
I actually got some tan lines to show for that.
We went to dinner the other evening and my mom's good friend Pia, a wonderful photographer that I've always been to embarrassed to ask to take photos for my blog. But over dinner, I told her how exciting The Haute Pursuit search for a blogger for an H&M mentorship seemed and how I'd have loved to participate. She got more excited than I was, so straight after dinner she said "Let's go to my studio and take some pics!!!" I couldn't say no. I was also wearing my H&M denim jacket. It is the only denim jacket I have, need and care for. It's about 5 years old, it's starting to look faded hiccup just makes me love it even more and I have to say it has been everywhere with me and I can show a billion pics with this jacket. It was perfect.
I was also wearing my brand new two-piece that I had made by my friend tailor. It took a while to ruffle all the ruffles and get the pants just right, but I am beyond happy with the result. I got stopped five times that evening to be asked where I got it from. :P
So despite not being eligible to participate, I did have a blast taking these pics.

Denim Jacket H&M
Two piece pantsuit - I drew, my friend made it
Blue Suede Shoes Loriblu
Red MiuMiu bag
Little monster

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

P.S. Thanks Pia once again for the wonderful pics!


  1. Love the look! You looks wonderfool! Kisses from Menorca!!

  2. Love your look!

    Following you now on G+ :)


  3. This is a gorgeous look for sure. Cute dog!

    1. Thank you. Dudu also appreciates the comment! :P