Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pitch perfect day at the beach

Hey little Sinisters! (this might become a thing with me, I kinda like it)

I did go to the beach just like I told you. 
Portonovo Bay. Absolutely magical.
Found a little place in the shade of some sea blue sheds and camped there with the little monster. You can see him here with me.
Mystery took the pics (and I'm very proud of him since he has little to no experience with photography but he's learning) and we had a really really great day.
Ended up going to lunch at Il Molo, and might I say, if you are in the area, please pay it a visit for the sensational sea fruits and the "Sea Carbonara" (it's a spin on the classic&delicious egg-bacon Carbonara that just amps the delicious like...tenfold) 

I've got pics of the delicious food, but they're on my phone. :P Will post later!

P.S. Those are my new MiuMiu obsession sunglasses that I got from Milan. I am very much in love with them! Round, light tinted lens, tortoise rimmed. What do you think?

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

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  1. Nice pics and nice place!! Kisses from Menorca!!