Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Throwback

Good morning Sinisters!

Woke up to a perfectly cloudy morning that won't convince me not to go to the beach. So today  is beach time. Will take pics!

There's something else I want to share with you.

This is last year in Leipzig on vacation. One of those "hey, turn around!" pics that I hang on my walls. 
There are 2 throwback moments in there. 
1. I want to go on vacation. To a big city. Ah, museums, galleries, theatres, street art, quirky shops, SUSHI!, Starbucks, brunch... this list can go on and on.

2. I really miss my long hair. I had it cut in September, just when I got back from this vacation, and it looked really good for about 4-5 months, but I'm now growing it back and it's at  that weird length that just looks ... um...weird all the time. Argh.

There is also the added problem of my hair having decided to become dull. Lacklustre, dull, lifeless hair.
I've never really been too fussy about my hair since genetically, my family has been pretty lucky. Pitch black, strong and healthy and usually shinny. I don't blow-dry it and I don't flat-iron it. 
(Please don't hate me - I got it from my momma).
But, now, my hair is dull. I've changed 3 shampoos and have stopped using a conditioner since it just added to the problem making my hair look greasy (Ewww).
I'm using L'Oreal Sensi Balance right now and it seems to be slightly better but it's still a long way from my hair looks like normally.
So I was wondering what to do.
I remember I met a really nice person at the Cosmoprof Bologna that talked to me about Eco.kid, a revolutionary haircare line from Australia that helps your hair both from a cosmetic point of view and from a internal one. It started as a kids line and has now grown into a full line. But it doesn't ship to Italy. (insert me with an upside down smile).
Then, there are websites like Ecco-Verde which have lots of really nice brands like: Lavera, TEA Natura, Benecos, Bjobj. But I've honestly never tried an organic shampoo (damn my little knowledge about hair care).
And then there's my absolute fav organic company here in Italy, Fitocose. I have been using ONLY their facial care products for the past 2 years and it has changed my skin. Now, I'm considering buying one of their shampoos. I will let you know how that goes.

Do you have any suggestions? I could really use a hand. :P

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

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