Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 4 #TheGreatRomanianAdventure

Day 4

Bucharest never ceases to astonish me. On advice from a girl who works in a holistic shop I went to visit the famous and quite old Obor Market. For those of you unfamiliar with Romanian, Obor in per se means "place where dealings take place and stuff is sold and bought".
I was expecting a big indoor market with a certain degree of diversity and more or less a solution to my problem.
What I found was a gargantuan market with a diversity far exceeding my wildest expectations. It stands as a loose complex of 4 separated clusters. There are 2 wholly indoor markets: one to deal with the material world around us and one to deal with the internal necessities of energy combustion. There are 2 more, one wholly outside and one a weird mix of in and out. And they both deal with food&Co. I was blown away. It was at least double than any market I've ever seen. I took some pics but the bustle  was difficult to capture, especially when you're wearing a half open handbag and focusing on your camera (MiuMiu would it have been so difficult to put a zipper on your bags instead of a magnetic lock?!?).
I bought turkish delight. Real, soft, squishy, flavored, delicious turkish delight. About 3 pounds of it to be precise. And I found the berries I was looking for. And I bought cherries. I know cherries are a delicious fruit that tastes that way more or less everywhere, but I have to say these ones (which used to made into delicious jam by grandma and shipped to me) are a cut above the rest. 
Now going for cherries to cherished friends. I went out with my gang from uni, all thanks to Bianca who put it all together. We had drinks, shared our past 3 years, reminisced about the days when our lives were all about our next exam/next club crawl (I'm pretty surre we could have patented the notion), and had a great time together. 

The thing was, I'm a different person altogether. I didn't have a drop of alcohol after my unusually late dinner and have been feeling hung over all through Day 5 of #TheGreatRomanianAdventure (which is right now), I loved seeing these guys and partying but I might need a whole other year to get over it. Oh well, I imagine one should embrace growing up and losing the ability to party all night long sans aftermath.

I will now proceed to crawl my way through Day 5.

Kiss and Peace 
Miss Sinister 

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