Sunday, December 13, 2015

TechGirl Xmas Wishlist

TechGirl Xmas Wishlist

If you're anything like me, you'll see Christmas as a time to express crazy wishes. My uniquely around Christmas wishes always include some technology.
Whether it's a new camera lens or an insanely intuitive milk frother, I love'em all!

So I'm bringing you a Christmas wish list fit for any tech girl out there.

1. LuguLake Teapot Ceramic Electric Kettle from This is such a pretty product. Since giving up coffee a few months back, I've practically become best friends with my kettle, but it's no way as cute as this one. Extra bonus? It's ceramic, so super easy to clean.
Perfect as a gift.

2. Macbook Pro. Best tool for blogging. Not much why to give you except that I should really get a new one and the new Retina screen just blows my mind. I want one. You want one. Your boyfriend wants one. Heck, even your 80 year old upstairs neighbour might want one.

3. ghd Platinum Styler. When it comes to getting our hair straight, curl, wavy or any other way one might want to be, there nothing better than the ghd. And since they are in the 3 digit price range, I'm putting this article on my wish list. Go over to and chose yours.

4. Apple iWatch. Does this even need an introduction? If you're alive and breathing, you've undoubtedly seen the Apple ads where they explain so well why we can't live without one anymore. I want mine to be pink. It's an awesome tool and super handy for a tech girl whose phone always sits snug at the very bottom of her very large tote.

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 White Instant Camera. This little gem is the perfect gift for any girlfriend or wife. It has a decent price, it takes mini pictures, develops them within seconds, is nice and compact and looks super stylish and you can find it in several colors, all adorable. I've been wanting one of these since my birthday and I'm quietly hoping Mystery is reading this post right now and I'll find one under the tree on Christmas. :P

So what technology are you hoping for this Christmas?

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

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  1. Great items and collection! Thank you for sharing this cool gift ideas :)

    Camy xx