Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Lights

Yesterday evening I took Dudu out for a walk. We went to the city centre. I have the softest of spots for Christmas lights. It reminds me of when I was a kid and that was the pinnacle of Christmas preparations. There was nothing more Christmasy that you could do than wrap a gazillion little lights around your house and hit the switch at just the right moment on just the right day and make it Christmas. All at once.
One of the biggest things for me when I was growing up was going downtown to see the lights. It was pure magic. I loved it. One of things I really miss now that I'm living in Italy is the whole lights show.
I'm going to Milan next week and I'm hoping I'll find something spectacular.

I put my tree up last Sunday. Mr. Mystery can be the sweetest of men, but he is useless with Christmas. It was never a big thing in his family so he doesn't feel about it the way I do. I decorated the tree myself, with Dudu keeping me company, with Mystery giving the befitting "Uh" and "Ah" every now and again, but more or less being super focused on his game (and yes, it was soccer).

This is going to be a New Year Resolution: slowly build up Mystery's desire for Christmas until he finally gets into the spirit and is genuinely happy and excited for it!

Off to work!

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

P.S. I'm organizing New Year's Eve Dinner! Yay!

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  1. Haha, good luck with your mission! If it helps, I'm sure after a certain point in your relationship, if you were to just not decorate he would ask you about it. Sort of a subconscious disappointment ;)

    I love Christmas lights as well! My family go for a drive on Christmas Eve around town to see all of the lights people put up. It's even better when there is snow!