Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Meet MOOV, MOOV meet my Xmas Wishlist

Well, just as I had comfortably set myself on top of all these fitness trends with a Fitbit and a soon to have iWatch, smugly looking down at the people who don't know anything about activity trackers.
I've even gone so far as to very wisdomly explained how fitbit is it. There is nothing better for a non-athlete, millennial or not, moderately to highly active individual with a hundred or two to spare on such gadgets.

I felt good. I felt like I knew it all. The world was my fitbit's oyster. I've gifted my Mr. Mystery a Charge and my father-in-law a Surge. The Aria scale was on my last year's Christmas list and is now sitting proudly in my bathroom. And I have to say they are all wonderful products that have enriched all of our sports lives.

But this morning, I saw this MOOV NOW thing and I'm blown away. I want it so badly I'm ready to disappoint Mr. Mystery and revoke my iWatch wish.
I want to wear it with my pilates, when I'm yogging, when I'm swimming, heck I might even start running again just to have it correct my stride. (insert me with big puppy eyes)

Play Play, watch the vid and you'll be ready to convert to MOOV like right NOW.
Find it here for 79$. Get it while it's hot!

Kiss and Peace
Hopping for a MOOV NOW Miss Sinister

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