Sunday, December 6, 2015

DIY Kitsch Christmas Wreaths from MollieMakes

I stumbled upon this wonderfully different Christmas wreath by MollieMakes on Bloglovin and I just knew I had to make it! 
Please follow the link above for the tutorial on how to make this little gems! It's super simple, really well explained and with pictures to guide you through all the steps.
I actually eliminated the baubles from the two I made because I didn't have any pink, red or even white one small enough to put on them.
I have to say it was easy to make them, but boy was it difficult to find the styrofoam base. I ended up going to 5 different shops before finally finding the last (and might I say extremely dusty) two styrofoam rings in the whole city. 
Yay for me, since they were the only thing missing. 
Everything is easy and quite fast to make, but I did prepare everything a day before putting it all together with pins. 
Both these gorgeous wreaths cost me under 10 € and I have to say Mr. Mystery hardly believed I hadn't spent 25 € on each to buy them from some shop.
I can't wait to show them off to family and friends during Christmas and New Year's.

Kiss and Peace
Let me know what DIY you're doing Miss Sinister


  1. Those are actually so cute! I was a little unsure about the bright pink, but they do turn out to be lovely! I'll have to keep this in mind - Christmas and the holidays are a great time to get crafty!


    1. I felt the same way when I saw them. I just thought I would make them and gift them to friends as cute Xmas craft. But I have to say I love how they turned out and they're definitely going on the front door. As soon as I buy some a transparent hanger (my bf has a glass front door *rolling eyes*)