Monday, May 11, 2015

Out and about in Riccione

Out and about in Riccione yesterday afternoon.
Here's what happened.
We had lots of different champagne all courtesy of a champagne tasting campaign! Yay!
You paid 18€ and got a glass which could be filled 6 times at different brands' stands. What can I say.  Very Vogue.
This is my friend getting our glasses filled at Berlucchi.

I then bought mineral foundation from Sephora and a new limited edition MAC blush (I'll come back with details in another post).
I also got blushed by the MAC girl. I love MAC because their employees are always so niiiice! Don't you?

I also found an oversized denim jacket that looked amazing on me and went for a little under 200€.
My Mystery kept badmouthing it. :) My girlfriend loved it. Her boyfriend hated it. Could it be a guy thing?
This is the jacket in question, found it on their website this morning for just 170€ (all the more enticing)

We had dinner at Kalamaro Piadinaro - very funny name. Very good food.

Outfit of the day:
Yellow Knitted Sweater - Zara
White Jeans - Zara
Purple Converse One
White Bucket Bag - Furla

And that's a wrap for the weekend!

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

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