Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bucket list - Thiene Workshop Day 1

23:08 on this lovely Saturday evening and I have to say I got to say I got to cut quite a few things off my bucket list.

#1 Met Adrian Underhill aka the man that made this
who turned out to be the sweetest, most delightful person which was just the cherry on top of the cake.
I have had it as a goal ever since first learning about sounds as a child and hearing my own teachers rave about this guy with these weird symbols that could physically show me what a sound ,produced in my mouth by a combination of muscle and air, looked like.
Every time you open your mouth, you create meaning through sound, and awareness and control of that can greatly increase our communicative capacity. And this tenfold any other language awareness trick we might pull out of our language enthusiasts' hats.

#2 Met Jim Scrivener aka ELT methodology guru, who again proved to be an awesome individual with lots of things to share and eager to do so.
I actually looked at a little wooden cuisenaire rod and saw a 4 stories high, on fire, with people in the swimming pool on the top floor surrounded by a garden.
Nuff' said.

#3 Met Chaz Pugliese aka the awesome guy behind Being Creative, a very smart book that will challenge your perception of what teaching and learning is all about.

All in all, not a bad day for a Thiene workshop.
Can't wait for Day 2.
There was also lots of cake eating, a great dinner, everybody playing the guitar with everybody singing along and just a fantastic time.

I'm off to bed.

Kiss and Peace
Awesomely Tired Miss Sinister

P.S. I also added a new item to my bucket list: organize a workshop with these guys for my workplace!

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