Monday, May 18, 2015

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood video - some thoughts

I get it. Taylor Swift has an army of model/actress/award winning script writer friends. That's the proverbial "dope".
I get it. She has an ass-kicking voice that can pretty much perform anything.
I get it. She is a hot, good-looking young girl/woman.
I get it. This is a fun video about a cat fight.
Been there, done that.

I don't get why women are always naked (or somewhere around that)for these things.
You know, us girls are just dying to throw on a latex/leather/pleather two piece pantsuit or a jumpsuit, a pair of S&M worthy Jimmy Choo or Gianvito Rossi 5 inches high platformed concoction, throw on Geisha amount of make-up on and go kick some other girl's ass.

(insert me with a raised eyebrow)

The video is fine. The song is on the right side of mediocre but I have already bought it on iTunes so don't bite my head off. That's not it. It's not hating on something.
It's wondering why videos need to be the worth value of a small country's internal revenue to catch our attention.
I'm wondering why a talented song-writer must be relatively naked for her own song. You know how everything is relative right? My idea of naked is proportional to the necessity for that nakedness to occur. I've got a friend who is a stripper (she is a nice person, she enjoys her job, I don't judge so neither should you) and I think she can get as naked as she wants when she is performing. And she would undeniably find some sort of kinship with Taylor Swift and her posey right now. At the end of the day, money does talk, doesn't it?
Yet somehow, getting naked (or somewhere around that) and calling it ... art? a video? some music? , and not "I love being watched cause I'm a young, beautiful, model befriended person" is ridiculous.
It was also a bit on the ridiculous side of nasty how Lena Dunham, a woman just like the rest of that possy, is depicted as a cigar smoking masculine apparition, shot from the shoulders up. Yup, that really helps pass on the message of woman empowerment. Yeah. Yeah. Sure.

This is my opinion. This looks like a tone of fun and I know I would have joined in for a cat fight in my day. When I was 14 and didn't know better.

Do you think younger girls all over are scouring the world wide web for knee-high leather boots and the perfect latex body for their next cat fight? I can see that happening somehow...hmmm.

I kinda also believe in karma so putting together a posey to go get someone is unnecessary bordering ludicrous.

Kiss and Peace
Unconvinced Miss Sinister

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