Monday, May 4, 2015

The Met Gala - past cringe-worthy looks

Are you excited about the Met Gala?
I am.
This is definitely on my bucket list (alongside having lunch with Franca Sozzani and Anna Winter - at the same time) and I eagerly wait for it every year.
And the themes...ah, the themes.
This year it's "China: Through the Looking Glass". Doesn't that sound wonderful? I am already picturing tons of silk, dragons, eyelinered eyes, perfect buns, red lips, red, hot pink, lemon yellow and sky blue.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the people who are attending don't mess this up with an oriental mashup of monumental proportions. This is not carnival folks! This is the single most important night in the fashion industry and needs adequate consideration, fashion sense and a whole lot of fashion diplomacy.
The Met Gala has been stage to a number of ludicrous outfits over the years and they usually provide material for all journalists and bloggers out there to criticise and make fun of on the day after, much like you would with a drunken friend who wakes up with that resounding pounding in his/her head that makes it quite clear that he has no idea what he did last evening, but it wasn't good.
And you've got the video/photos/gif/possible results in your hand and are smirking from across the room while sipping on your hot water and lemon.
This has to be how some Met Gala attendees feel the next day.
That or a massive slap on the forehead moment.

Here are my 10 fav cringe-worthy past looks from the Met Gala (and their just from the past 10 years).
And here is to keeping our fingers crossed for something sensible this evening.

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

Amanda Peet - 2007 (you desecrated the Met
with your black tights)

Ivanka Trump - 2006 (Ivanka, this isn't
a Desperate Housewives of Orange County get together)
Katie Holmes 2008 (aka what Alexandra and Mr. Grey
might spawn)

Kristen Stewart - 2010 (once a vampire, always a vampire)

Lil' Kim - 2005 (how did she get invited?!?)

Lupita Nyong - 2014 (why oh why would you wear this, girl?)

Miranda Kerr (+dreamy ex-husband) - 2011

Rachel Weisz - 2009 (she married James Bond?!?)

Katie Holmes - 2014 (aka an oversized
member of Tweety's family)

Miley Cyrus - 2013 (I'm pretty sure Anna wanted to pounce on you,
 comb you hair down, throw a Chanel jacket on and call it a day)

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