Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My fav looks from the Met

I woke up this morning feeling as giddy as a kid on Xmas morning. Except there weren't any gifts waiting for me but a whole lot of couture. I've already looked at the fashion looks twice and I have to say I was expecting more drama, yet all I got was a whole lot of satin, a whole lot of red and not nearly as much beading as I would have wanted. Plus no dreamy shoes.
Do you know when you wish for that perfect bag for Xmas, and you tell everybody, and you drop hints left and right, and you stare at it for hours in Vogue or such, and you think your significant other got the point? And then on Xmas morning you open your able-to-carry-a-bag box and find he bought you a cooking appliance/computer/coat/shoes...whatever but not the bag.
Hello Met Gala!

Click for my fav looks...and considering there 70+, Xmas was poor this year.

You have to give to Rihanna for standing out.

SJP wore H&M (!?!?!) magnificently and a headpiece inspired by Chinese traditional bridal headpiece. And it worked, go figure.

Finally someone who knows how to do themes! Go Chloe! Go Chloe!

The color. 'Nuff said.

She doesn't look with the theme, she looks like European royalty visiting the theme.

Although I was a bit on the fence with this one because she looks like she's drowning a bit in all that pink sateen, the dress is definitely to die for and I loved how she pared it with emerald green shoes.

If your mom was Anna Winter, wouldn't you be the prettiest of the ball?

Keep the Prada perfection, ditch those pooey colored gloves asap.

This is what I would have worn. Perfect.

Cavalli brought his game face with a slew of awesome dresses but my fav has got to be this one.

This actress unpronounceable name precludes me from giving an accurate description, but she does look real good, right?

My least favourite was Beyonce (insert me open-mouthed). Somehow, having seen mostly need in the past few month either at events, in concerts, on vacations and pretty much everywhere in between, I was hoping she would wow in some intricate, Beyonce-fitting gown. She went for the obvious. No. Big no.

What were your favourite looks?

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

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